adidas Running Shoes for Women

adidas has been offering women's sports shoes for years, especially running shoes. You can find here the famousadidas Ultraboost 21, adidas SL20 or adidas adizero.

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Among the world leaders in the running field, you will find adidas, the famous German equipment manufacturer, on Direct-Running. We offer you a wide selection of adidas women's running shoes at low prices. adidas is a trusted name in the world of sport, bringing expertise and quality to the world of running. But with so many models to choose from, you're probably wondering how to choose your next pair of running shoes. Don't worry, we're here to help!

How to choose your adidas women's running shoes?

There are many criteria to consider when choosing an adidas running shoe, so you need to think carefully before making your purchase.

Indeed, before starting any sporting activity, it is important to equip yourself properly and this includes shoes. You should therefore choose your shoes according to the number of times you are going to run, the distance you are going to cover and the intensity of your training sessions. But you should also consider your stride type and the features you are looking for in an adidas running shoe.

Choosing your adidas running shoes according to your sporting activity

When it comes to the type of sporting activity, we advise you to choose your pair according to the nature of your runs. For city jogging, we recommend the adidas ultraboost shoes, which are extremely light and comfortable to wear. For the more experienced runner who is looking for performance, the adidas Adizero Pro is for them! With its carbon plate and sole that combines BOOST and LIGHTSTRIKE technologies, the Adizero Pro is a concentrate of innovations. This running shoe is the fastest for long-distance races, and it also allows you to run a multitude of kilometres! You can then opt for the adidas Adizero Boston, which provides support and cushioning, or the adidas Adizero Adios Pro, surely the fastest shoe of the brand, which will offer you an unprecedented energy return.

Choosing adidas running shoes according to your stride

Your pair should also be perfectly adapted to your stride so that you don't suffer any discomfort and to avoid injury. Indeed, your stride type has a significant impact on your running performance.

Here are the 3 types of stride that exist in the world of running: the neutral stride, also known as the universal stride because it is so widespread, corresponds to an ordinary position of the foot during running. The pronated stride is defined by an inward collapse of the foot and must therefore be corrected by a support inside the shoe. Finally, the rarest is the supinator stride, which consists of a collapse of the foot towards the outside during the race.

Adidas offers a number of models for universal strides, which do not require any special features.

For the pronator or supinator stride, adidas has provided adidas Adizero pairs that are particularly suited to this.

Choosing your adidas women's running shoes by size

The size is - like the size for clothes - a major element when choosing a pair of trainers. If you choose the wrong size, it can quickly affect the comfort and support of your foot, whether it's too big or too small. To make this step easier, adidas has provided you with its own size chart, so all you need to do is measure your foot to find out your shoe size!

Choosing adidas running shoes by price

Adidas offers a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. Indeed, you can find pairs ranging from around 40 euros, such as the adidas Duramo, to 180 euros, such as the adidas UltraBoost 21 or the adidas adizero adios Pro. On Direct-Running, you will find all the models from the most expensive to the cheapest on offer, at a very affordable price. It all depends on the features you are looking for in your future pair and the nature of your runs!

Choosing adidas women's running shoes by comfort

The comfort of an adidas running shoe depends first and foremost on the quality of the soles, but also on the cushioning provided by the shoe. The more shock absorbing a shoe is, the smoother and more enjoyable your running session will be. So if comfort is your number one priority, you're well advised to turn to adidas, which offers particularly comfortable and stable models. You can choose the famous adidas Ultraboost, which can accompany you on all types of terrain, or the beautiful adidas Supernova, whose stability is well known.

New adidas women's running trainers

If you're looking for the pair of your dreams, you're in the right place! On Direct-Running, you will find a multitude of adidas references at mini prices, even on the latest models!

The adidas Ultraboost women's running shoe

The recently released Ultraboost 21 is all about comfort! For runners who are looking for a good energy return and a real dynamism it is ideal! It does not neglect the support of the foot either. It will be suitable for all types of terrain, whether on roads or trails. Indeed, it will grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Compared to its predecessor, the adidas Ultraboost 21 has 6% more BOOST to absorb impact and recover the full power of your stride. The breathable upper keeps you cool during exercise. Finally, this running shoe is made of recycled Prime Blue material and Parley Ocean textile. A good example of how performance and ecology are compatible!

adidas Adizero Pro running shoe

Today, it is the most successful running shoe in the adidas family. With its Continental outsole, carbon plate, and both Boost and Lightstrike technologies, the Adizero Pro Women's shoe is a gem! This women's adidas running shoe is perfect for runners with a universal or neutral stride.