Mens Puma Road Running shoes

Puma is one of the most popular sports shoe manufacturers for men. In terms of running shoes for men, Puma has renewed this year. Here you can find all the Puma running shoes for men!

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All Puma running shoes for men

The German shoe manufacturer Puma, is without a doubt one of the most famous brands along with adidas, Nike and Reebok. That's why when you think of sports shoes, and even running shoes, Puma immediately comes to mind. Whether for soccer or athletics, Puma has always been able to produce pairs of sneakers that have won medals and podiums. It is therefore natural that we, Direct-Running, are able to present you a wide range of Puma running shoes. To help you answer this famous question, which Puma running shoe to choose, we propose you to present the flagship models of the German brand. So to speak, this selection represents in our opinion the best Puma running shoes. Recently, Puma has given itself a new lease of life in the field of running by launching its brand new Puma Nitro range for men.

Puma Nitro Running Range for Men

This year 2024 is the year of renewal for Puma Running. Indeed, this season the German equipment manufacturer launches its brand new range Puma Nitro Running for Men. The Nitro tenchology is a foam that is 50% lighter than a standard EVA sole. Let's stop now to present the 4 flagship models for men of this new range Puma Nitro.

Puma Running Shoes Deviate Nitro

The Puma Deviate Nitro running shoe for men allows Puma to make a dramatic entry into the world of running shoes with a carbon plate. This Innoplate carbon plate is located between two layers of the new Nitro technology. The Puma Deviate Nitro men's shoe is perfect for runners with a universal stride and a training frequency between 1 and 4 per week.

Puma Running Shoes Velocity Nitro

The Puma Velocity Nitro shoe for men is the most versatile shoe in the new Nitro range. This Puma running shoe for men is really dedicated to light runners, for various training sessions that can go from 5 Kilometers to why not a half marathon. Be careful, as you will have understood, no carbon plate on this Puma running shoe, it will give you a less powerful cushioning than on the Deviate. However, the outsole has the PumaGrip technology that allows you a very nice grip.

Puma Running Shoes Eternity Nitro

The Puma Eternity running shoe for men is the shoe of the Nitro line that can be suitable for runners who pronate. The Puma Eternity Nitro for Men is the equivalent of the Velocity Nitro, only it has additional features that allow runners to stay in line with each step. We find the RunGuide technology mixed with the EVA technology that allows precisely to support the foot. Beware, it is also suitable for men with a neutral stride.

Puma Running shoes Liberate Nitro

The Puma Liberate Nitro for men is the lightest model in this range. It is really designed for races ranging from 2-3 Kilometers to 10KM maximum. It is also ideal if you want to quietly launch yourself into the world of running.

Puma Running Shoes Speed Running

This Puma running shoe is, without a doubt, the fastest running shoe made by the German brand. Take for example the newest addition to this range, the Puma Speed 600 Fusefit. If you are looking for a comfortable Puma running shoe, then you have come to the right place. Indeed, thanks to its flexible and ultra-light mesh, the feeling of comfort is really present. If we look at the sole, we can find two of the best known Puma Running technologies: Profoam and Ignite Foam. The consequences of using these innovations are impeccable cushioning and a significant reduction in shocks. Note the very light weight of 290 grams (example here for a size 40). Probably the fastest running shoe on the circuit!

Puma Running Shoes NRGY

Puma NRGY trainers are extremely popular these days. In addition to their design, which makes these Puma running shoes a bestseller for all lifestyle fans, their technology should not be overlooked. The insole with SoftFoam + PU technology ensures optimum comfort even on the longest runs. This Puma running collection is also distinguished by its extremely breathable mesh. Another advantage of this Puma running shoe is the excellent cushioning as well as the return of energy during your run.

Puma Running Shoes LQD Cell

This minimalist sports shoe is above all a concentrate of technology, highlighted by the LQDCELL innovation. This new cushioning technology has been designed for stabilising cushioning via liquid-filled cells. We can say it's a success! In addition, the two EVA strips on the sides of the shoe also provide a really pleasant feeling of stability. The Puma LQD Cell Omega is for example a great trainer to try if you want to run short distances.

Puma Running Shoes Ignite

Puma Ignite running shoes are popular because of their legendary lightness. One of the strongest points of this Puma running shoe is without a doubt its ultimate comfort thanks to the mesh sewn on the side. If you are looking for a dynamic running shoe, and resistant to almost anything, then the Puma Ignite is for you.