Mens New Balance Road Running shoes

New Balance is a very popular brand regarding men's sports shoes, and especially running shoes. You will find on Direct-Running all the New Balance running shoes for men.

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New Balance is an American equipment manufacturer that became famous thanks to the creation of sports shoes. Taking advantage of this success, the American firm has been selling running shoes for a few years now. Because New Balance is not the most popular running shoe brand in Dollarspe and especially in France, we understand that it is difficult for you to know which running shoe to choose. To help you select the right New Balance running shoe for you, we will introduce you to the best New Balance running shoes.

Which New Balance running shoes for men are suitable for my stride?

On Direct Running, find a wide selection of running shoes for men at unbeatable prices. We offer high quality products suitable for all types of stride. There are 3 types of stride: the neutral or universal stride which is the most common, the pronator stride and the supinator stride. The manufacturers offer models that are suitable for all these types of stride to avoid injury. To find out what type of stride you have, you can observe which side of your soles wears the most: on the central, inner or outer part.

New Balance running shoes for men for a neutral stride

Almost half of the population has a neutral stride, which is why it is called a universal stride. The neutral stride uses the central part of the foot during a run. With a universal stride, you will not lack choice, as most models will be adapted.

New Balance therefore offers many different models of running shoes for men for universal stride. You will find your happiness in our selection of New Balance running shoes, such as the Fresh Foam 880 v10, the More v2 or the FuelCell SpeedRift.

New Balance running shoes for men for a pronounced stride

The pronation is due to the foot sagging inwards, you can spot it if your sole is more worn on the inside. A pronating stride will therefore require an insole reinforcement on the inside of your running shoe to limit this sagging. Pronation is very common and affects 45% of runners.

In the New Balance running shoe models dedicated to men, you can opt for the Vongo v3 and v4, which have been designed for both universal and pronating strides, or the New Balance 860 V9 running shoes, which will offer you a faultless comfort during your workouts.

New Balance running shoes for men for a supreme stride

The supine stride comes from an outward tilt of the foot. More rare, supination affects 5 to 10% of runners, so few models are really adapted to it.

The flagship models of New Balance running shoes for men

New Balance Running Shoe for Men Fresh Foam

For a long time, this pair of trainers did not appeal to running enthusiasts. Indeed, many were the detractors of a trainer that many considered to be of poor quality. That's why American engineers have been working hard on other versions of the Fresh Foam that we will present below.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 running shoe

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v9 running shoe is a real success. Indeed, the American brand has succeeded in combining a dynamic sports shoe with a comfortable running shoe. This comfort is visible at first glance as the sole of the Fresh Foam 1080 v9 is so imposing. Composed of Fresh Foam and UltraHeel technology, you'll feel like you're running on a cloud! In addition to all these qualities, it is undeniable that American researchers have succeeded in producing a running shoe with an impeccable design.

After the success of the v9, New Balance now offers us its brand new shoe Fresh Foam 1080 v10. The major difference with the previous version is the appearance of the Fresh Foam X technology. This technology allows you to find a running shoe with good cushioning and a good return of energy with each stride. If you are wondering which running shoe to choose for a neutral or universal stride, then you have your answer. This pair of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10 trainers will allow you to run on roads and paths with peace of mind. Once again, New Balance offers a well thought-out design and therefore a very nice pair of running shoes.

New Balance innovates again and again by expanding its Fresh Foam 1080 range. The brand new Fresh Foam 1080 v11 offers an ideal comfort, adapted for long distance running. Equipped with Fresh Foam reactive technology and an expandable mesh upper, it also offers Ultra Heel technology to perfectly fit the back of the foot to ensure ideal support during your running.

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V6 running shoe

Designed to be resistant, Hierro V6 running shoes will accompany you on any type of trail including rough paths or their midsole will cushion your landing smoothly. Its Vibram outsole will stand out for its resistance and traction. Breathable thanks to its perforations, its reinforced upper will better protect your feet during your runs.

New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo running shoe

With the Fresh Foam Tempo for men, enjoy unprecedented comfort thanks to the Fresh Foam padding. This running pair will give you a smooth stride whether on the treadmill or on long-distance outdoor runs. Its low mesh upper provides strategic support from heel to toe.

New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoe ROAV

Thanks to its Ultra Heel technology and Fresh Foam cushioning, the New Balance ROAV offers a running shoe that fits comfortably in the stride. Very versatile, this running shoe for men offers durability and lightness when running.

New Balance Fuel Cell Running Shoe for men

The second most popular range of New Balance running shoes for men are undoubtedly the Fuel Cell, which will ensure elegance and lightness. And if you're wondering which New Balance shoe to choose, then here's a presentation of the main pairs in this range.

New Balance Fuel Cell Propel Running Shoes

The Propel New Balance Fuel Cell running shoe is of course based on Fuel Cell technology. This innovation allows you above all a very strong return of energy, while offering a very appreciable and appreciated propulsion. In addition, the Trace Fiber technology used for the upper prevents the risk of friction and therefore allows for optimal comfort. Note that this shoe in size 43 weighs only 266 grams. Not negligible when you want to run long distances. However, the New Balance team recommends it more for short outings than for marathons.

The brand new Propel RMX Fuel Cell revisits the range with a modern upper. This running shoe will not only offer you an excellent rebound but also unrivalled comfort.

New Balance Fuel Cell Rebel Running Shoe

This New Balance running shoe is also designed around Fuel Cell technology. If you don't know what that is, I'll let you go back to the paragraph just above. This shoe represents the evolution of the FuelCell 5280. Indeed, this running shoe is much lighter than its big sister but also much more dynamic. The components at the front of the New Balance Fuel Cell Rebel trainer allow for a strong rebound.

New Balance Fuel Cell Prism Running Shoes

The Fuel Cell Prism for men guarantees stability during your runs and a real feeling of lightness. This state-of-the-art running shoe is ideal for a light and responsive stride. In addition to its design with its structured upper, find its EVA sole which provides real support during your workouts.

Chaussures de running New Balance Fuel Cell Energy Streak

Ideal for experienced riders, the Fuel Cell Energy Streak will help you to beat your own records. Its upper is breathable and pure. These running trainers have an improved midsole that will give you unparalleled responsiveness as well as a carbon fibre plate for better forward propulsion.

New Balance Fuel Cell Echo Running Shoes

The versatile FuelCell Echo running trainer is ideal for both road and treadmill use due to its streamlined design. Its high-performance foams will allow you to run for miles and miles with real energy feedback. This pair of FuelCell Echo running shoes will offer you strength and grip during your runs.