Running Accessories

Find all the essential running equipment on Direct-Running! Here you will find all the essential running accessories such as walking poles, running belts, sunglasses and water bottles.

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Are you a running enthusiast looking for excellent running and trail accessories for all your training and competitions? You're in luck, we've got just the thing. Branded walking poles, belts, running water bottles and sunglasses at unbeatable prices.

Running accessories for comfortable and efficient running

Outdoor activities such as running and trail running require a number of accessories to cope with all kinds of conditions, including weather and rough terrain. Tools such as walking poles, water bottles, belts and glasses. Find a wide selection at unbeatable prices on direct-running.

Lightweight and practical running poles

It is not uncommon to see runners with poles on rough trails and paths. What exactly are they for? Trail running takes place in the wilderness and involves a variety of climbs and descents. To help you get through them without too much effort, consider getting a walking stick. Simply put, they are designed to save energy on steep terrain and gain speed. On a descent, they are very useful to keep your balance and to have a better braking system. However, be careful not to stick them between rocks to avoid injury. Generally foldable or telescopic, they are made of carbon for lightness. They have a strap on the end to ensure an excellent grip and easy transport. They are, therefore, a real extension of your limbs. It is clear that walking sticks are a great help during all your practices on uneven surfaces, however, it is important to make sure that you have good timing. If you browse further, you will find poles for all tastes and uses at very competitive prices. We particularly recommend the Swix Star Tail Pro, which is made from ultra-light carbon. The compact design of this folding pole has a cork handle, which guarantees an excellent grip and a comfortable use. The metal tip offers phenomenal support and the rubber tip allows you to use it on the tarmac during all your runs.

Running belts of all kinds

Carrying a bag can be cumbersome and not very obvious when running or trail running. With this in mind, specialists in the field such as Nike and Leki have developed bottle belts with several pockets for water bottles and other accessories. Made from high quality, extremely robust and durable fabric, they are equipped with adjustable straps to ensure maximum stability in all conditions. The straps are made of soft, breathable material to ensure maximum comfort, even when worn for long periods. Many models have reflective details on the back for better visibility during night-time activities.

There are other types of belts, such as the Gramin heart rate belt, which analyse your bounces, strides and other parameters to keep track of your progress. They are made of soft and flexible material that guarantees an excellent fit and ease of use.

Practical and easy to carry running bottles

If you want to stay hydrated on the run, choose a medium capacity water bottle that is easy to carry. They are made from a variety of materials, but we particularly recommend the Nike SS Hypercharge range, which is made entirely from durable steel and designed not to alter the taste of your drink. Perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, it is equipped with a leak-proof system, allowing it to be carried safely on a bike, in a backpack and on a running belt. Its unscrewable lid makes it easy to fill and its one-finger sliding opening allows you to quench your thirst in a few movements.

Strong, protective and comfortable running glasses

Useful for protection from strong light, whether it's hot or cold, glasses are essential accessories for runners and trailers during physical exercise and competitions. For your comfort, we recommend lightweight, robust models with an excellent fit, UV protection and an anti-fog finish. While they are usually worn to keep your eyes safe from wind, sun, insects and other outdoor elements, they are also important because they provide better visibility in inclement weather. There are several Salming, Nike and Bliz models to choose from, all of which are available in our online shop at promotional prices.