Running Protection

On Direct-Runnig you will find all the equipment you need for running. Here you will find all the protection you may need during your runs such as ankle protection - elbow protection - knee protection - shoulder protection

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Discover here a very large choice of protections adapted to the running to practice your passion in full safety: ankle, knees, elbows, shoulders. Find reliable and quality equipment at the best price designed by reference brands such as Thuasne or Mc David.

A wide range of running protection

Our direct-running online shop offers you all the running protection for men and women that you need to run safely during your outdoor sports sessions: knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows. The products we offer you come from well-known suppliers of medical equipment and sports protection such as Thuasne, McDavid, Hyperice, Blindsave, but also from major sports brands such as Nike or Hummel. Here you will find innovative products that provide performance and relief for both top athletes and beginners: knee pads, ankle pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, arm protection sleeves, knee support bands, etc. Equip yourself properly with high quality equipment at unbeatable prices.

Why wear protective gear when running?

Sporting activities such as running or trail running place varying degrees of stress on the joints depending on the frequency and distance. Intensive exercise puts a lot of strain on these sensitive areas. If these areas are put under strain during your performance quests, the risk of injury is high. To protect you effectively during your running outings, many brands offer joint and muscle protection adapted to your favourite sport. In addition to prevention, this equipment will be particularly useful for relieving pain if you come back from an injury, while providing maximum security for the affected area.

The most commonly used protective gear in the running world

Ankle pads

Ankle sprains are a common injury for runners. Fragile ankles, fatigue, instability of the terrain, are among the most common causes. In our online shop, we offer you a wide range of ankle supports to prevent ankle joint injuries during your sports activities. This protective equipment is also suitable for resuming activity after a mild to moderate sprain. Looking for a practical and comfortable model? Nike offers them in a light and breathable fabric. You will also find in our selection more sophisticated models equipped with semi-rigid reinforcements and adjustable straps like the Zamst Ankle Brace.

Knee protectors

Studies have shown that half of all running-related leg injuries involve the knees. This is a sensitive area that is very often subject to trauma in runners, and more generally in sportsmen and women. Whether it is to stabilise the knee, prevent injury or reduce pain, the right running pads for you are on our online shop. Our team has put together a selection of sports knee pads made from technical materials such as neoprene that will provide you with great comfort. Some models, such as those from McDavid, are equipped with side hinges for greater stability and freer movement.

Elbow pads

To optimally protect your elbows during your training or running sessions, we advise you to use an elbow pad that is adapted to your needs. Support elbow pads are recommended in cases of minor sprains or chronic instability. These medical devices are particularly effective in stabilising the elbow. If you are looking to increase your performance, we also offer compression elbow pads designed to support the range of motion of your joints. These functional compression sleeves not only reduce muscle cramps, but also help you to recover quickly after your intense efforts.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are protective gear designed specifically to prevent shoulder joint injuries. They are particularly useful for runners who have fragile shoulders or who wish to return to sport after traumatic injuries. In our online shop, we offer you reliable and quality compression shoulder pads to treat pain caused by strains. This running gear provides optimal compression in the shoulder area while guaranteeing a comfortable fit. The models offered by the well-known brand Thuasne will provide you with the right support and freedom of movement thanks to their carefully studied design.

Which running protection should I choose?

There are many criteria to consider when selecting your protective equipment: frequency, type of activity, intensity of use. These devices must obviously be chosen according to your needs: prevention, treatment, resumption of activity. Whether you want to buy running protection to prevent injury or to treat joint pain, you are sure to find the right products in our online shop.