Electronic Running Equipments

On Direct-Running, you can find all the essential running equipment! Here you will find all the electronic accessories dedicated to running to boost your performance during your sports sessions. Connected watches, GPS, stopwatches and other accessories for smartphones.

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In order to run properly, runners need equipment that helps them perform. Headlamps, Watches and wristbands, GPS and accessories, Stopwatches, Smartphone accessories... find the essential electronics dedicated to running with famous brands such as Garmin, adidas, Asics, Nike, Thuasne, or macron.

High quality electronics

Electronic accessories are very useful for outdoor sports enthusiasts such as trail running, hiking or jogging. That's why renowned brands such as Garmin, considered the leader in this field, but also adidas, Asics, Nike, Thuasne or macron have developed high quality products. Find for example lamps, connected watches or GPS at unbeatable prices.

All about electronic accessories for running

For outdoor running, electronic accessories can be thought of as gadgets or small devices whose role is to improve the comfort and performance of the runner during their effort. Are you wondering which one to choose? Well, this will depend mainly on the type of activity or outings you plan to do. If it's for night sessions for example, headlamps are essential. If you want to progress in training mode, then stopwatches will be necessary.

Whether you are a man or a woman, discover here all the elements to practice your sport in the best possible conditions. Indeed, our site offers you a wide range of products adapted to all types of activities such as running, trail, hiking, athletics or fitness and this, for all levels (beginners, confirmed, experts). All at the best price!

Which headlamps to choose?

Planning a run at night? Headlamps are ideal for night or low light races. They are also essential for safety to avoid possible falls due to small obstacles on the course. A running headlamp is also more practical, as you can see in the direction you are going and still have your hands free. How to choose? Choose intelligent headlamps that can be adapted to the environment. Their intensity and beam angle can be adjusted automatically according to external parameters.

However, you have to be careful about the battery life, as a battery usually lasts between 8 and 10 hours max. But you can also opt for a rechargeable headlamp.

The intensity of a headlamp can range from 15 to 750 lumens and its power depends on the length of the run, the nature of the environment and the time of day. But if you are looking for a powerful headlamp, be aware that a high lumen value is required for a lot of light. As for the lighting distance, this has more to do with the shape of the beam than with the lumen value. Depending on your needs, you can choose either wide or focused beams.

Concerning the lighting mode, this type of equipment offers several and it is up to you to choose according to the use you wish. You can choose the high or low power mode, the red mode to avoid dazzling people around or the flashing mode to improve your visibility.

And since rain can fall without warning, you need to consider how waterproof your lamp is. Another tip is to opt for an LED headlamp, as it is durable, shock resistant and energy efficient.

Which connected watches and bracelets to choose?

Among the electronic trail accessories, watches and bracelets are a must. Connected watches are real technological gems. In addition to telling you the time, they incorporate various functions and can, for example, calculate: atmospheric pressure, altitude difference, outdoor temperature, etc. In addition, they provide you with valuable information such as the time of sunset and sunrise, your heart rate, etc. They have a luminous screen and are resistant to cold and water thanks to their perfect waterproofing. In terms of power, these watches can be charged via the sun. Finally, you can connect them to other devices via a Bluetooth connection. Are you looking for the best connected running watch? The Vivoactive 4 or the Forerunner2 45 from Garmin will do the trick! These models are available on our website at a discounted price.

What about GPS and accessories?

For any outdoor sport, the connected GPS has become the must-have electronic device. It allows you to follow your route and analyse the distance thanks to satellite data. This great tool is functional and can include a camera, barometric altimeter, etc. Not sure which one to choose? Then choose the e Trex Touch 35 from Garmin. Treat yourself to this gadget at a mini price!

Which stopwatches should I choose?

In order to fine-tune your training or your preparation for a competition, you will need sports timers. They allow you to follow and reach your goals. They also offer you the possibility of analysing and evaluating your performance in order to make further progress. Some running watches are also available in the form of a watch, so you can keep your hands free during your run.

And what about running smartphone accessories?

If you want to be hands-free and still be able to use your smartphone, accessories are a must. You can make calls, listen to music or check your heart rate at any time. To carry your phone safely, you can choose between a mobile holder, a phone armband or a running case. Wondering how to choose an armband? As well as being practical, this accessory offers optimum protection for your phone. All you need to do is find a model that is compatible with your mobile phone and that fits your body. It should be light and resistant to moisture caused by sweat. For added convenience and safety, look for Velcro closures and models with reflective strips. Looking for an ergonomic and waterproof running phone armband? Choose the Nike lean band or the model offered by Asics. Do you prefer a mobile phone holder? Then the running gilavar from macron is for you.