Under Armour Women's Running Shoes

Under Armour has been offering women's sports shoes for a few years now, especially running shoes. Find here all Under Armour running shoes for women.

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On Direct-Running, you will find all Under Armour women's running shoes. This American equipment manufacturer will enable you to break your records thanks to its shoes that are both light and fast. You will find on our website a large selection of Under Armour models at unbeatable prices. If you are wondering how to choose your next pair of running shoes or which model to choose from among the many available, you have come to the right place!

How to choose your Under Armour women's running shoes?

If you're wondering how to choose your running shoes, you've come to the right place! Here we give you all the advice you need to make the right choice of trainers so that you feel comfortable during your runs and that your shoes are suitable and meet your expectations. There are a number of things to consider before buying your next pair of Under Armour shoes. First of all you can consider the price but also the look, yes even during your jogging aesthetics can be important! Also you will not get the same running shoe depending on how regularly you run or what type of stride you have. In short, we are here to help you find THE Under Armour shoe you need!

Choosing your Under Armour running shoes according to your sporting activity

Every runner is different. Depending on your training pace and intensity, you will not need the same type of shoe. You will need a shoe that is more or less resistant and has more or less technology.

If you like to run for miles, the UA Charged Pursuit 2 women's shoe is for you! With their unmatched comfort, breathability and cushioning, you'll be able to cover the distances you want to. The foam padding around the ankle and under the tongue, as well as the light weight and flexibility of the shoe, will also appeal to you.

Choosing Under Armour running shoes according to your stride

Choosing the right running shoes for your stride is very important to make your runs comfortable and to avoid injuries.

It is very important for every runner to know her stride type in order to be comfortable during her training sessions and to avoid any risk of injury. To determine your stride type, you can look at where your shoes wear the most.

If you have a neutral stride, also known as universal, like almost half of all runners, the wear will be on the underside of the sole, in the centre. In this case, your foot has a normal posture and does not need any special support. Many Under Armour shoes are suitable for you. You can choose the UA HOVR series and for example the HOVR Machina 2 women's shoe, which is ideal for neutral strides and also offers unique features such as the UA RUSH lining, which absorbs and releases your body's energy by incorporating minerals, thus maximising your endurance.

You may also have a supinator stride, which is also quite common. In this case, the wear on your shoe will be on the inside of the soles as your foot will tend to collapse during your run. This stride requires special support, so it's important to find a pair that fits. At Under Armour, you can choose the Charged Bandit 5, which will give you the balance and stability you need. The aim of this shoe is to offer a softer but firmer footprint to optimise your comfort.

New Under Armour running shoes for women

On Direct-Running, you will find all Under Armour running shoes at the best price. Thanks to our numerous promotions, we can offer you access to the biggest running brands at low prices, and you'll even find the latest models of the brand at a discount! So, ready to buy THE pair of your dreams?

UA Velociti Wind women's running shoe

The Velociti Wind running shoe features UA FLOW technology: by detaching from the rubber soles, this pair of trainers offers improved speed and a smoother stride! Your feeling of speed will be unmatched and amplified by the shoe's lightness and its outstanding cushioning. Finally, the Warp upper provides excellent ventilation and support.

Under Armour Sonic 4FNRN running shoe

Designed for long distance runners, the UA Sonic will give you maximum flexibility and energy return for effortless endurance! The blown rubber in the forefoot and under the heel will help absorb all the shocks, giving you a smoother and more fluid run. We recommend this shoe for women who are looking for a good balance between cushioning and flexibility, but also for those who need a good support. Indeed, its reinforced TPU heel provides a good support.