Women's Running Shoes

Find here all the women's sports shoes dedicated to running. You will find here all the Asics running shoes, adidas running shoes, Nike running shoes, but also Mizuno - Saucony - New Balance - Under Armour.

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On Direct-Running, you can find a wide selection of the best women's running shoes. However, before throwing yourself on your favourite pair of Nike running shoes, or your Asics running shoes, it is important to choose the right pair of shoes. Are you lost and don't know where to start? Don't worry, we'll explain it all to you.

A wide range of high performance and innovative women's running shoes

To run more comfortably and limit the risk of pain and injury, it's best to invest in running shoes designed specifically for women. Direct-running offers you a wide selection of women's running shoes designed by the most famous brands such as Asics, Nike, Saucony, adidas... Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner? Discover the best running shoes for women for daily training and competitions, as well as all the new products on our specialised online shop. The reference brands at the best price!

How to choose running shoes for women?

Choosing the right sports shoes is a key element in the practice of all sports, and running is no exception. Indeed, it will allow you to reduce the risk of injury, and then to increase your performance tenfold and keep your motivation high! There are several important factors to take into account when choosing your running shoes: your training frequency, your physique, the shape of the trainer, the shape of your foot and your stride type. Choosing the right running shoes for you requires you to take into account a number of different factors. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal pair. Whether you're training or competing, your running shoes should be adapted to the terrain. Models with good cushioning will be ideal for running on hard ground. If you usually run on paths, look for trainers with good grip and foot support.

The type of stride is also an important factor in making the right choice. To get an idea of how you run, look at the wear on the soles of your old shoes. If the wear is more pronounced on the outer edge of the forefoot, your stride is supinctive. Choose running shoes that are reinforced on the outside of the foot. If there is more wear on the inside edge of the forefoot, your stride is pronated. Choose a pair that is reinforced on the inside to provide good support for the foot. For those with a neutral or universal stride, the wear is more visible on the middle. If you're a neutral or universal runner, you'll have a wide choice, as most models are adapted to this stride.

Choosing your women's running shoes according to your stride style

But why is knowing your stride style so important? Many beginner runners rightly ask themselves this question. And yet. I leave it to you to calculate the number of strides you will take when you run 2km, 5km, your first 10km, your first half, your very first marathon. There are three types of stride: the universal stride, the supinator stride and the pronator stride. So how do you know what your stride is? Come on, we'll give you the Direct-Running team's tip: Take your oldest running shoes and look at the wear marks.

Women with a Universal Stride

If you have a universal stride, then you're like 45% of joggers, and you'll find that your old Asics running shoes have more wear on the middle sections. You won't have too much trouble finding a shoe that fits as most shoes are designed for universal strides.

Women with a Supinator stride

If you have a Supinatrix stride, then you are in a much smaller circle of runners. In fact, only 10% of runners are like you. How can you tell? Check and observe that it is the outer part of your Saucony running shoe that is damaged the fastest. You can then turn to the Asics Gel-Nimbus running shoes which are perfectly adapted to this style of stride.

Women with a pronated stride

If you have a pronated stride, then you're in a group of 45% of runners. And this time it's the inside of your women's running shoes that is damaged. You will be able to find your happiness with the Asics Gel-Kayano shoes.

Choosing your women's running shoes by brand?

Many brands offer women's running shoes today. Whether it's Nike running with its Air Zoom Pegasus 36, adidas with its Ultraboost, or the Japanese manufacturer Asics with its iconic Gel-Kayano or Gel-Nimbus, you're bound to find a suitable running shoe. Whether you are looking for a comfortable sports shoe or one with a high level of cushioning, you will be able to buy the material that suits you on Direct-Running. You can find out more about each brand and their women's trainer models directly on the brand sheets.

Asics women's running shoes

Known for their Gel technology, Asics running shoes are among the best-selling models. Looking for something new? The Gel Nimbus 23 will seduce you with its great comfort and its excellent shock absorption system. For your sessions on roads and paths, take advantage of a good reactivity and a dynamic cushioning thanks to the Gel Quantum range. For your long-distance runs, the Gel Kayano will give you optimal stability.

Nike women's running shoe

The Nike brand is a world-renowned equipment manufacturer and a major player in the world of running. The famous Nike Pegasus 37 running shoe, the brand's flagship model, is specially designed to give you a dynamic stride. The versatile shoe features a breathable mesh upper that offers excellent support. With technologies such as REACT foam, it will allow you to run comfortably on different types of terrain: road, track.

adidas women's running shoe

In a constant quest for innovation, adidas offers top performance running shoes that cleverly combine cushioning, flexibility and grip. The brand with the 3 stripes is particularly well known for its Boost cushioning system: designed to absorb impact and release energy with every stride. For long and medium distances, take advantage of the comfort provided by the adidas Ultra Boost and its PrimeKnit upper. If you're looking for speed, the adizero adio is a dynamic shoe that will help you set a new record. The flagship models Run Falcon and Solar Glide are also available in our selection of the best running shoes for women.

Saucony women's running shoes

Founded in 1898, the American brand Saucony has gained popularity for its cutting-edge shoes. Today, its offerings are much more extensive and it has become a specialist in running shoes over the years. If you're looking for cushioning, Saucony Triumph 18 will provide you with absolute comfort with its next generation PWRRUN+ technology. For your road running sessions, the Ride 13 or Kinvara 11 will offer you comfort and speed with their new generation foam.

Mizuno women's running shoe

Mizuno offers a wide range of running shoes that provide excellent cushioning, support and stability for the foot. Its Wave technology is designed to distribute the shockwave and provide an effective and durable rebound. Looking for a comfortable and versatile women's running shoe? The famous Wave Rider 2 will accompany you in comfort on roads and trails thanks to its many qualities: flexibility offered by the Smooth Ride technology, perfect breathability of the AirMesh upper.

Under Armour women's running shoe

The HOVR Machina running shoe is one of Under Armour's most popular models. With a medium upper, they are perfect for your long runs. Its HOVR technology ensures optimal energy return, while its Pebax® drive plate gives you a fast run.

New Balance women's running shoe

Need comfortable, lightweight running shoes for your daily workouts? Various models of women's running shoes from New Balance and Reebok are also available in our online shop.