adidas Running Shoes for Women

adidas has been offering women's sports shoes for years, especially running shoes. You can find here the famous adidas Ultraboost 21adidas SL20 or adidas adizero.

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Who today does not know the adidas brand? The German sports equipment manufacturer is one of the most popular women's sports shoes brands in the world. Founded by Adolf Dassler in 1949, adidas is present in almost every sport. So it's only logical that adidas has been creating women's running shoes for many years.

How do you choose your adidas women's running shoes?

Adidas Running offers women a wide selection of adidas running shoes for women. To make the right choice and buy the right pair of adidas running shoes for you, you need to anticipate a few key points. Firstly, you need to think about how often you train, what kind of stride you're going to take, or what kind of running you're thinking about. Let's say you're running on marked out paths, so you won't have to choose the same running shoe as you would if you were running on the road. To help you choose the adidas running shoe of your dreams, we've put together a little shopping guide.

Choosing the right adidas Women's Running Shoes for your running style

The first criterion you need to consider when choosing which adidas women's running shoe is right for you is your running style. In particular, how often you train. Therefore, if you want to buy an adidas running shoe for training, you will need to select a running shoe that can endure a good number of kilometres. Conversely, if you're looking for a running shoe for a future competition, you'll want to go for a light and fast adidas trainer, such as the adidas Ultra Boost for example.

Choosing the right adidas women's running shoes for your stride type

There are three types of strides. The universal or neutral stride, the pronator stride and the supinator stride. The majority of runners have a neutral stride (45%) or a pronative stride (45%). So logically, you will select an adidas women's running that matches your stride type. If you have a pronating stride, don't worry, the adidas Solar Boost or Solar Glide are for you. Are you part of the neutral stride team? Ok, get the adidas Adizero and the Ultra Boost are for you.

Choose your adidas women's running trainers according to the shoe's technical characteristics

For years adidas has been offering innovative running shoes for women. No matter what feature you want on your adidas running shoe, you'll find what you're looking for. For example, if you are looking for a lightweight shoe for competition, you will find the adizero or the adidas SL20. If you're looking for good cushioning, the Focus Breathin is probably the most comfortable adidas running shoe.

How do I choose the right size for my adidas Women's running shoe?

Adidas offers you a sizing guide to help you buy the pair that fits you best. Here's a tip from the team: if you're not sure which size to choose, pick the largest. When you're in the middle of a run, your feet get hot and swollen.

All the best adidas Women's Running Shoes

If you choose to enter the adidas running galaxy, a world of innovation and style awaits you. In fact, adidas is considered by many to be THE reference in sport. That's why Direct Running offers a wide selection of adidas running shoes for women.

New adidas Running Women's Shoes

Are you looking for the brand new adidas running for women? Then you've come to the right place. We have all the latest adidas running products for you. Recently adidas has released the new SL20 and Adizero Pro. All these running shoes are now available at Direct Running.

Cheap adidas running shoes for women

If you are looking for cheap adidas women's shoes, then you will find otn happiness here. All year round we offer you adidas running shoes at the best price. So now, when you're wondering where to buy your trainers, you know you'll find cheaper adidas women's running shoes on Direct Running.