Running Equipment

Discover all the running equipment for men, women and children: from small accessories such as headbands to large equipment such as treadmills, including electronic equipment, luggage and running protection.

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Go further with our range of high quality and innovative running equipment, designed to improve your performance and running comfort. A wide range of running gear, protective gear, accessories, electronics and running gear awaits you in our online shop, at unbeatable prices.

A wide choice of running equipment at the best prices

Running is a very popular sport today. But to practice it, it is important to be well equipped. While shoes are the most important part of your outfit, you should not neglect your running gear. This will help to improve your running conditions and boost your performance. Whether you're an amateur or a professional runner, discover all the essential running equipment on our site. Here you will find all the elements you need to practice your sport in the best possible conditions, from small accessories to large equipment. Luggage, protective gear, accessories, electronics and running equipment are all available at low prices.

What equipment should I choose? It depends on many conditions such as the weather, the duration of the outing, the frequency of the sport, the intensity of the practice and whether or not you are carrying loads. It is also necessary to take into account the type of activity: run, hike, trail, athletics or fitness; as well as the level of the person: beginner, confirmed or expert. All our products are from the major brands such as Nike, Garmin, Camelback, Select, Macron... to ensure high quality and excellent performance.

Luggage products to carry your equipment

When running, you need to have something to drink, something to eat and some useful equipment with you, especially if you plan to run for a long time. It is therefore essential to have a luggage product to carry all your necessities. Direct Running offers you a wide selection of hydration bags, sports bags, backpacks, panniers, etc. Our ingenious items are made of technical and ultra-light materials, functional and solid while providing you with optimal comfort. They are made by the best brands: The North Face, Columbia, Camelback, Under Armour... The longer the distance of your race, the more you will need a bag with a large volume to store all your equipment.

Joint protection items

During your running, jogging, trail, training or hiking sessions, your muscles are sometimes put to the test. This can lead to various injuries. To protect you, we have put together all the joint protection you will probably need in one place. Ankles, kneepads, elbow pads, straps and recovery products are all available at special prices. In addition to being effective, our selection of protections ensures comfort, lightness and freedom of movement throughout your practice. They are easy to use and have an optimal lifespan.

A wide range of running accessories

Our running accessories are designed to optimise your running comfort, whether you are running at night or running in winter or summer. In our range of accessories you will find a wide selection of water bottles to keep you well hydrated during your sessions. Whether Nike, Adidas or CamelBak, they meet the comfort and practicality requirements of runners, joggers and athletes. Our sunglasses are a great way to protect yourself from the sun. We also have running headbands to keep your hair in place while absorbing sweat. Don't hesitate to browse through our selection of heart rate belts to monitor your heart rate and walking poles for optimal stability on all surfaces.

Innovative electronic products

You will also be impressed by our range of electronic products. In recent years, connected watches and GPS watches have become popular with all runners, both amateur and professional. We have called on Garmin, the giant of connected objects, to offer you innovative, high-quality products equipped with the latest technology. We also provide you with headlamps and various models of stopwatches. If you bring your phone with you on a trail running trip, our smartphone accessories are a must. Functional and reliable, our selection of phone armbands is ideal for carrying your phone safely.

Top of the range training equipment

To help you train at home, discover our range of treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical bikes. Practical and useful, this training equipment allows you to work out at home, without the need for a gym membership. The treadmill allows you to run in any weather: cold, rainy or dark. The exercise bike allows you to improve your cardio endurance.