Running Textile

All essential running equipment is available on Direct-Running, including textile accessories such as gloves, hats, caps, headbands, compression sleeves etc...

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Here you will find all the running accessories you need to practice your passion in the best conditions: hats, caps, headbands, gloves, compression sleeves, chokers, scarves. Take advantage of a wide range of brand-name products at the best prices on direct running: Buff, adidas, Nike, Under Armour.

A wide range of quality running accessories

Certain accessories dedicated to running are particularly useful for running in better conditions. It is important to be well equipped for a pleasant sport practice, whatever the conditions: heat, humidity, cold weather.

Whether you are a running, trail or hiking enthusiast, discover on our online store the best accessories for running at low prices. We offer you a selection of reliable and quality articles for an optimal practice of running: compression sleeves, neckbands, gloves, headbands, scarves, hats, caps.

Running accessories that combine comfort and protection

We offer you a wide range of running accessories, which we detail below.

Running headband

The headband is a practical accessory for running while being protected from the elements. In hot weather, it absorbs perspiration during exercise to prevent it from dripping into the eyes. Adopted by many sportsmen and women, this item is also useful to keep the hair in place so that it does not cause discomfort during your training sessions or run. In windy or cold weather, opt for a headband designed to protect your ears during your outdoor activities. For more comfort, choose models with welded or seamless seams to avoid any unpleasant sensation. Breathability and coolness of the fabric are essential criteria for choosing your running headband.

Running hat

Running is an activity that can be practised whatever the weather. Ideal against cold or wet weather, the running hat offers effective protection and adds a personal touch to your sportswear. Its main advantage? It is an accessory specially designed for sports like running. It provides optimal support while offering warmth and comfort even in "extreme" conditions. Ideally, your hat should be light and made of a breathable fabric that wicks away perspiration. Some models, such as those from Gore, are made from technical materials to protect you from the wind and the cold.

Running cap

To run comfortably in the heat or in the rain, several brands offer caps specially adapted for running. The running cap is the ideal accessory that allows you to protect yourself against sunburn and prevent blinding. To choose your cap, the essential criteria to take into account are comfort, fit, flexibility and lightness. Foldable models with a flexible visor and technologies that allow sweat to be wicked away are the best choice. At direct running, you will find a wide range of high-quality caps to suit your needs: sun caps, rain caps, trail running caps.

Chokers and running scarves

The neckband is an essential accessory for running, but also for any other outdoor activity. Designed for comfort, it allows you to protect yourself efficiently against the wind, the cold or the sun. This multifunctional accessory offers you many possibilities of use and can thus be worn in several ways: neck warmer, balaclava, headband, hat. Also, the choker can be used as a sponge: very practical when you sweat during your intense efforts. Find on our online shop a large choice of running chokers from the reference brand Buff. Discover also a fine selection of running scarves available in several colours and patterns.

Running gloves

To avoid having cold extremities during a run, you will have to equip yourself with running gloves. Designed to protect your hands and prevent body heat from escaping, this accessory is very useful whether you are running in the middle of winter or in the rain. With the right pair of gloves, you'll be able to enjoy your passion with optimal comfort even in very low temperatures. Choose winter running gloves that are flexible, durable and waterproof.

Compression sleeves for running

Compression sleeves are running accessories that reduce vibrations and impacts during your effort to limit the risk of injury. The pressure exerted is designed to prevent the accumulation of blood in the muscles and thus delay fatigue. Wearing running compression sleeves also facilitates recovery through better oxygenation of the muscles. At direct running, you will find the best BV sport compression sleeves, as well as those of other well-known brands such as McDavid, Thuasne and Nike.