Mens Hiking Shoes

Find here all the men's sports shoes dedicated to hiking. You will find here all the adidas hiking shoes, Reebok hiking shoes, Columbia hiking shoes, but also AKU.

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To explore nature while enjoying maximum comfort during your activities, find our wide range of hiking boots for men. Find the best models designed by the biggest brands: Columbia, Aku, adidas, Joma.

A very large choice of hiking boots for men

The choice of your hiking shoes is crucial to enjoy any outing in the great outdoors. Opting for sports shoes that are suitable for walking will make you feel more confident and comfortable, and avoid any unpleasant surprises: foot pain, blisters, or more or less serious injuries.

Whether you want to go for a walk on the plains, a stroll in the forest or a hike in the mountains, take advantage of a wide range of hiking boots for men at unbeatable prices in our online shop. Direct-running offers you a wide selection of high quality models from well-known brands such as Columbia, adidas, Aku or Joma. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, you are sure to find the pair that best suits your level and terrain: road, trail, unstructured terrain...

Why choose footwear designed specifically for hiking?

When hiking or trekking, footwear is an essential element that should not be neglected. While a basic sports shoe may be suitable for a simple stroll, specific models are strongly recommended for hiking in complete safety on unstructured terrain. Wearing shoes that are not adapted to the terrain or foot shape increases the risk of injury. To ensure that your activity is always enjoyable and motivating, your shoes must above all be comfortable.

Shoes designed specifically for hiking are distinguished by their components designed to offer comfort, performance and safety. Lighter than trail shoes, hiking shoes are designed to allow you to walk more comfortably while carrying a backpack. Hiking shoes offer more support and have a higher upper than trail shoes. But both types of shoes also have something in common: both have rubber soles and have protective features such as stone guards. On Direct-Running, we offer a wide range of high-quality hiking boots for men at very affordable prices. You will be able to find the model that best suits your needs and enjoy greater comfort on your next adventure: long-distance hiking, summer hikes, etc.

Criteria for choosing your hiking boots

As the interface between the foot and the ground, hiking boots must be carefully selected to explore forest paths or mountain trails efficiently

Depending on the type of hike

For a short hike or trek, the main features to look for in your hiking boots are lightness, support and grip. These shoes should offer good ankle support to avoid slipping. The sole should be more or less flexible while supporting your weight and that of your bag.

For a long hike, you should choose sturdy hiking boots with a hard sole. Most models are made of durable leather and have a high upper for better support. Find a wide range of hiking boots for men adapted to your outdoor activities on your online shop direct-running

Depending on the type of land

A good choice of hiking boots will prevent foot pain and discomfort. Choose a half size or a size larger to keep your feet comfortable. This will also allow you to put on thicker socks in case of low temperatures.

Depending on your terrain, you will need to choose certain characteristics for your hiking boots. Soft soles are ideal for easy terrain and give you a better grip. Hard soles guarantee optimal grip and are suitable for rough and mountainous terrain. For the upper, high models are suitable for difficult surfaces and provide optimal protection for the ankle. Low or medium upper hiking boots are a better choice for simple walks because of their comfort and flexibility. In case of bad weather, it is recommended that you choose waterproof hiking boots made with a Gore-Tex membrane that is both waterproof and breathable, for example. For muddy and difficult terrain, you can turn to shoes with mud and stone guards.

Top models not to be missed

Columbia, adidas, Aku... All the most reliable brands of hiking boots are present on our online shop. Discover the best models for optimal hiking. Looking for versatile hiking boots? The adidasTerrex Free Hiker ensures maximum grip on all surfaces with its Continental sole. Need a sturdy shoe that can handle rough terrain? With its multi-terrain design, the Aku Selvatica ensures good traction and optimal stability thanks to its Vibram sole. Want to explore rough terrain? The Ridgerider by Reebok offers great traction with its notched rubber sole.