Columbia Hiking Shoes for Men

On Direct-Running, you will find a wide selection of sports shoes for men, including hiking shoes. Find here all Columbia hiking shoes for men!

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If you are interested in the field of hiking, from near or far, you will know the American equipment manufacturer, Columbia. Columbia specialises in trail and hiking clothing as well as outdoor activities such as winter sports. They offer outdoor clothing as well as hiking and trail shoes and equipment for this type of outing. So if you're planning an outing in the great outdoors, you've come to the right place! On Direct-Running, you will find all the Columbia hiking shoes for a low price!  

The best ranges of Columbia hiking boots for men

The first thing to think about when choosing your Columbia hiking boots is what type of hiking you want to do. Is it a day hike, in which case you will need very comfortable shoes? Or are you more interested in fast hiking? In that case, you will need light, high-performance hiking boots, without of course neglecting comfort! You may also like to alternate between hiking in the wilderness on trails and walking in the city, in which case you will need a very versatile pair of shoes! Finally, if you are looking for trekking shoes that will follow you everywhere, whatever the type of terrain, don't worry, we also have that on Direct Running! We are here to present you the different models of the brand so that you can choose the one that will suit you best!

High, solid and waterproof, Coumbia hiking boots are designed for your comfort while walking. With them, you can go on any type of terrain, whatever the weather conditions! In order to provide you with the cushioning and resistance necessary for this sport, Columbia offers you shoes that benefit from the best technologies. Their resistant soles will offer you an unequalled stability, whatever the nature of the ground! Also remember to equip yourself with adequate hiking trousers and a Columbia t-shirt before setting off on your adventure! 

So, are you ready to take on any terrain and cover the miles with your Columbia men's hiking boots? 

The Columbia Redmond III for men

It is impossible to talk about Columbia hiking boots without mentioning their best seller: the Columbia Redmond III, which you can find at a low price on Direct-Running. It has a breathable mesh upper which makes it very comfortable for all types of hiking. It is very versatile in terms of terrain, with a responsive cushioning sole and unbeatable grip. For longer lasting comfort, the Techlite midsole has been added to provide good energy return and optimised cushioning. Finally, the various layers of synthetic leather offer a bulwark against external aggression, protection itself reinforced by the moulded toe cap at the front of the foot.

It will be ideal for a day hike, or it will provide you with permanent comfort.

Vitesse Mid Outdry hiking boot for men

The Vitesse Mid Outdry from Columbia is ideal for fast hiking. The Vitesse Mid Outdry is a great choice for fast hikers because of its performance and durability. Comfortable and versatile, it's also waterproof, so its breathable features will keep your feet dry no matter the conditions. Its rubber outsole features OMNI GRIP technology, which makes it very grippy. Finally, its knit collar and seamless stitching will give you an ideal fit and support during exercise. Also, its Techlite technology provides responsive cushioning and stability on all terrains. 

SH/FT™ Aurora Outdry™ Men's Hiking Shoe

The Aurora Outdry hiking boot for men is made to go from the city to the trails. Its breathable and waterproof construction keeps your feet dry during exercise and offers unprecedented comfort. This pair also features dual-intensity cushioning that allows you to climb tough trails if needed. The midsole offers soft cushioning with an above-average resistance rate, while the Adapt Trax outsole offers optimal grip on both wet and dry terrain. Finally, its leather reinforcements offer adequate protection and support for the foot while hiking, and its mudguard helps to cope with weather events. 

Cascade Pass waterproof boot for men

The Cascade Pass is a very grippy pair of hiking boots for the trekking sportsman who wants to venture into rougher than average terrain. The Cascade Pass boot is made of waterproof and breathable suede and leather to cope with rain and wet terrain. The opening in the midsole allows for ventilation and cooling of the boot during exercise: ideal for comfort! The shoe is lightweight and offers maximum cushioning and a good energy return, allowing you to cover the miles even in mountainous terrain. The rubber outsole absorbs even the toughest shocks.