Men's Athletic Shoes

Find here all the men's sports shoes dedicated to athletics. You will find here all the adidas athletic shoes, athletic shoes Nike but also New Balance, Puma and many others. 

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High-performance athletic shoes for all disciplines

Choose equipment designed for performance to run efficiently during your training and competitions. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced runner or an expert, we offer you a wide selection of athletic shoes adapted to your level of practice. We offer a wide range of sport shoes and sneakers to suit all levels of runners. Our range is very wide from adidas shoes, New Balance shoes, Puma shoes, Nike shoes and sneakers.

What are the criteria to choose your athletic spikes ?

The choice of your athletics spikes depends on the discipline you practice, but also on your training ground. In any case, remember to choose a half size, because your foot swells during the effort.

The discipline

For your middle-distance runs, opt for athletic shoes with 6 mm spikes that are lighter and more comfortable. Longer 9 mm spikes are suitable for sprinting events over short distances for better grip. Also for pole vaulting and triple jumping, you can choose between 6 or 9 mm spikes.

The type of terrain

If you practice mainly on classic terrain, the rule of thumb is to choose shoes with a maximum of 9 mm spikes. For events on muddy terrain, for example, you can opt for spikes of up to 15 mm for optimum grip.

Adidas' Adizero range: a reference in athletic shoes

Founded in 1949, adidas has over the years become a world leader in the manufacture of sports articles, particularly in the field of athletics. The three-striped brand has been the equipment supplier of the French Athletics Federation (FFA) for 4 decades until 2012. A partnership that should be renewed next year.

To help you refine your choice, we invite you to discover the different types of athletic shoes in the Adizero collection developed by Adidas. Whether you are a sprinter or a long-distance runner, our little guide will give you an idea of the equipment adapted to the discipline practised. Find an overview of the characteristics of the flagship models in the Adizero range.

Adizero Avanti Spikes

Do you run medium or long distances? The Adizero Avanti will seduce you with its technical design as well as its look. These ultra-light and breathable running shoes will give you great comfort and a dynamic feeling when running. They are equipped with a light mesh in the upper area to ensure optimal ventilation of the feet. The EVA sole with FLEX grooves provides soft support and promotes flexibility.

Adizero Ambition Spikes

Appreciated for its exceptional breathability and lightness, the Adizero Ambition is specially designed to improve your efficiency during your middle-distance runs. These athletic shoes are ideal for running from 800m to 5000m thanks to their slim design. With a Celermesh upper, they guarantee a better fit for your feet. Functional and ultra practical, this model has 5 removable spikes giving you maximum grip and perfect support.

Adizero Finesse Spikes

If you are looking for speed and performance, the Adizero Finesse will be your best ally in your track races. Ideal for short distances (60 to 400 m), this model has all the features to meet the needs of sprinters. These sprint spikes are equipped with Sprint Web technology to increase flexibility while providing optimal support. Lightweight with their composite membrane, they will allow you to run in comfort to break new records.

Adizero Sprintstar Spikes

Looking for a running shoe with a comfortable and comfortable toe? The Adizero Sprintstar is the perfect option for any sprinter looking for a propulsion feeling to run faster. Designed for races up to 400m, this pair is made of lightweight materials that will give you maximum speed and performance. With its rigid sole with a studied shape, these athletic spikes ensure close contact with the ground for maximum dynamism.

Adizero Distancestar Spikes

If you want to gain comfort and efficiency in your middle and long distance events, the Adizero Distancestar is the pair for you. Designed for medium and long-distance running, these men's athletic shoes have a mesh upper for better breathability. Its 5 removable spikes rest on a TPU plate to give you maximum stability throughout your run.