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Find all the equipment you need for running on Direct-Running! Here you can find all the equipment you need for your physical preparation! On the programme: treadmills - exercise bikes - elliptical bikes.

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In order to train optimally, running enthusiasts need the right equipment. Find in a few clicks treadmills, elliptical bikes and exercise bikes designed by internationally renowned brands such as Best Fitness, Endurance or Evo Cardio, all at unbeatable prices.

High quality cardio products

Physical preparation is very important for all runners, whether they are amateurs or professionals, in order to constantly improve their performance. This is why brands such as Best Fitness, Endurance or Evo Cardio design high quality equipment such as treadmills or exercise bikes for them. Get access to these products at low prices.

Equipment that combines practicality and performance

Exercise machines such as treadmills and elliptical bikes are ideal for keeping fit indoors. They are also perfect for developing your cardiovascular capacities or refining your figure. Very practical, these devices allow you to no longer depend on the vagaries of the weather, but also not to be affected by constraints related to time and place.

On our website, you can access all the elements to practice your sport in the best possible conditions. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find a wide range of products for all levels: beginner, advanced and expert. In a few clicks, take advantage of our special offers!

Which treadmill to choose?

Emblematic of cardio fitness, the running mat allows you to multiply the moments to run. In fact, you can exercise at any time and according to your wishes, no matter if it is cold, raining or already dark. In addition, this fitness equipment can be very practical. Some models can be folded up, which makes it easier to store after use. Would you like to be guided in your choice? The Aero Work Treadmill Desk from Evo Cardio will give you complete satisfaction. It is not only a treadmill for walking, but can also be used for intensive daily training at home. You will have the opportunity to improve your stride effectively in preparation for a competition. Get this practical and reliable device at a very competitive price.

Which elliptical and exercise bike is best?

If you want to build up your thighs, buttocks and calves and at the same time slim down your figure, elliptical and exercise bikes are recommended. They also have the advantage of providing quick results. These machines are ideal for beginners as they allow for gentle, shock-free movements. They both provide an effective cardiovascular workout.

But before you choose a model, you should know that despite their similarities, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers have a few differences. While the former is done sitting down, the latter requires you to work in a standing position. The elliptical also builds up your arms. With the elliptical, 80% of your muscles are exercised and it offers the possibility of working the whole body. In addition, it allows you to perform a back-pedalling exercise while allowing a rebalancing of the forces around the joint.

Don't know which model to get? Then the elliptical from Best Fitness will do the trick! As far as exercise bikes are concerned, you can easily choose the model with arms from Endurance. Treat yourself to these ergonomic, high-performance machines at a low price.

Cardio equipment with the best price-performance ratio

Are you interested in indoor sports? Would you like to try out the latest exercise bikes and treadmills on the market? Then there is only one solution for you: visit our website! You can access different models of our sports machines. They are equipped with the latest technological innovations. In addition, their quality and sturdiness will guarantee you a long term use. As for the price, you can now take advantage of our exceptional discounts. For every purchase you make, we can ensure fast delivery of the product. So what are you waiting for?