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As a great sportswoman, you already noticed that you can find all the models of women's sneakers. And this is also the case for indoor sports such as weight training, zumba, yoga or crossfit. All women's fitness sneakers from the top brands are available at Direct-Running. Whether you're looking for a women's crossfit shoe, a zumba sneaker, or a shoe to accompany you to the gym, we have what you're looking for. To help you in your selection, we will show you all women's fitness shoes by brand.

How to choose a women's fitness sneaker by brand?

You know it, you can find on Direct Running all the women's fitness shoes. Of course fitness is one of them. So you will find a small buying guide by brand. You will see that each brand has its favorite activities like yoga sneakers, crossfit shoes or cardio fitness-shoes. Because you know that, depending on the indoor sport you practice, you need a sneaker with different characteristics. For example, if you are a crossfit practitioner, you should choose a women's crossfit sneaker with good grip and flexibility. If you're more into indoor sports like elliptical bikes, then you need lightweight fitness shoes with good cushioning.

adidas Women's Fitness Shoes

The adidas brand has a wide range of women's fitness shoes. For example, you can get the adidas Powerlift 4 if you practice weightlifting. If you're looking for a training sneaker for the gym, the adidas Strutter shoes will do the trick.

Nike Women's Fitness Shoes

Nike training shoes are the best known on the market. You can get the Nike Pegasus 36 if you're looking for sports shoes for cardio fitness or zumba. And if you are looking for a Nike crossfit sneaker, the Nike Romaleos is sure to suit you.

Reebok Women's Fitness Shoes

Reebok is without a doubt THE Crossfit brand par excellence. So if you're looking for a women's crossfit sneaker, you'll be spoilt for choice. The most popular Reebok women's crossfit shoes are the Reebok Nano 9.0 and the Legacy Lifter. More generally, if you're a cardio fitter, then Reebok will only offer you top quality women's crossfit sneakers.

Puma Fitness Shoes Women

Once again, you're dealing with one of the legends of sports shoe brands. So if you are looking for yoga shoes for example, you will find it at Puma.

Women's fitness shoes Mizuno

So yes, Mizuno is best known for its running and trail shoes. However, a few months ago, the Japanese brand launched its first fitness shoe for women: the Mizuno TC-01. And it is a success. To test absolutely!