Asics Women's trail Shoes

Find on Direct-Running all the sports shoes for women of the biggest brands, especially trail shoes. You will find here all Asics trail shoes for women!

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How can you not know Asics when you are interested in the world of sports? Indeed, the Japanese equipment manufacturer is a guarantee of quality in almost all sectors, and particularly in sports shoes. As well as offering pairs dedicated to running, you can also find Asics trail shoes, ideal for your outings in the great outdoors! On Direct-Running, you will find a wide selection of women's trail running shoes on sale at low prices! 

Whether you're climbing hills or heading off the beaten track, Asics has the right shoes for you, without the risk of injury or discomfort in your trainers.  

The best ranges of Asics trail shoes for women

You're probably wondering how to choose from the many pairs Asics offers in the field of trail running. You are at the right place! We are here to help you make your choice, starting with the 2 biggest ranges of the Japanese brand: the Asics Fujitrabuco and the Asics Gel-Venture. If the 2 ranges have common characteristics such as grip on all types of terrain as well as stability and good cushioning, it is important to also see their respective characteristics in order to make the most suitable choice. 

All Asics women's trail shoes are designed to handle rough terrain. Their waterproof upper prevents water from seeping in, so you can run in any weather! Also the breathable materials that characterise these Asics women's trail trainers will keep your feet cool even during exercise. Finally, their resistant soles will allow you to remain stable even on slippery or muddy ground! 

Asics Gel-Fujitrabuco trail shoe for women

The Asics Fujitrabuco range of women's trail shoes is arguably the most famous in the field, having been around for many years now.

Asics Fujitrabuco Pro Shoes

The Asics Fujitrabuco Pro shoe for example, released at the end of 2019, is the flagship model of the range. You find in this pair of trail shoes a concentrate of protection and grip without neglecting the comfort of the runner! So comfort and technology are not incompatible for Asics! The Rock Protection technology is aptly named, protecting your feet from rocks or any other obstacles you may encounter on your way. The FLYTEFOAM midsole, the brand's flagship innovation, gives your stride more momentum while the EVA insole ensures excellent rebound and moisture management. With its anti-slip ASICSGRIP sole, there is no risk of losing your balance on rocks or small gravel. 

Asics Fujitrabuco GTX Shoes

The Asics Gel Fujitrabuco 8 GTX and its latest version the Gel Fujitrabuco 9 GTX are ideal if you are looking to push your limits and break your own records on your runs. It's for runners who are looking for durability, grip and protection all in one! With its GORE-TEX upper, your feet will be kept dry even in wet weather. The combination of the FLYTEFOAM midsole and the heel padding provides unparalleled comfort. Finally, the DUOMAX support system is perfect for runners who are surprised by the way they run: it prevents the foot from turning inwards too much, for a more stable run! 

Asics Fujitrabuco Lyte Shoes

Discover also on Direct-Running the Gel Fujitrabuco Lyte, even lighter than the other versions with its FLYTEFOAM. The upper is comfortable and soft to support the foot, but also has reinforcements for maximum protection and flexible grooves in the forefoot to optimise adaptation to rough terrain. The stride is also smoothed out thanks to the elevation of the shoe. Finally, this is a practical pair of trainers with the heel tab for quick slip-on. We recommend the Asics Fujitrabuco Lyte to runners who particularly like to run on trails.

Asics Gel-Venture trail shoe for women

The other key range that we offer you at Direct-Running are the Asics Gel-Venture. If you want to find an affordable Asics women's trail running shoe for beginners but with all the quality of Asics, you have found your pair! 

Totally waterproof, the Asics Gel-Venture is ideal for trail running in all conditions: rain or snow, you can beat the weather with your Asics.

Asics Gel-Venture Shoes 

The Gel-Venture 7 is particularly well suited to dealing with foot moisture with its ORTHOLITE technology, located on the insole. The latest release, the Gel-Venture 8, brings a number of innovations to its previous version. Designed for the great outdoors, it is nonetheless very versatile, adapting to both hiking and trail running. The fit is more accommodating in the forefoot without sacrificing durability. Also the outsole is more durable thanks to its anti-slip pattern and studs under the heel. It is also very suitable for runners with a pronated stride, i.e. those whose foot tends to roll inwards. The Asics gel-venture 8 provides the necessary support for this type of stride for a comfortable run.