Mens Under Armour Road Running shoes

Under Armour has been offering men's sports shoes for a few years now, especially running shoes. Find here all Under Armour running shoes for men.

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Which Under Armour running shoe for men to choose?

Light, fast, punchy, that's what Under Armour running shoes are all about! To reach your goals during your runs, opt for the running shoes of the American manufacturer, Under Armour. On Direct-Running, you will find a wide selection of quality running shoes for men.

How do you choose your running shoes? First of all, you should choose your running shoe according to your level, the duration of your runs, their frequency and the goals you are trying to achieve. But for your comfort, it is also very important to choose your pair of running shoes for men according to your stride type. There are three types of stride in the running world. The neutral stride is also known as the universal stride because it concerns more than half of all runners, so if you have this type of stride you won't have any trouble finding the right shoe for you! The pronated stride, on the other hand, consists of a collapse of the foot towards the outside and therefore requires finding a pair of shoes that compensates for this. Finally, the last type of stride is the supine stride, which concerns very few runners and which is defined by a collapse of the foot towards the outside.

The best Under Armour running shoes for men

It is sometimes difficult to find one's way around all the models offered by the equipment manufacturer Under Armour. That's why the Direct-Running team has put together an overview of the best Under Armour running shoes for men.

The Under Armour HOVR range for men

With the Under Armour HOVR range of running shoes, say goodbye to shocks! With its UA HOVR technology, these men's trainers cushion all impacts with smoothness and offer ultra-efficient energy return thanks to their UA Energy Web compression mesh.

Under Armour HOVR Machina 2 Running Shoe

Check out one of Under Armour's flagship running shoes, the UA HOVR Machina 2. With their Pebax drive plate, enjoy unlimited energy and speed. Ideal for neutral strides, this pair of trainers will also offer you better breathability thanks to its ultra-light 3D breathable mesh upper! Finally, the UA RUSH lining, which incorporates minerals to absorb and release body energy, will help you improve your endurance and reach your goals!

Under Armour HOVR Infinite Running Shoe

The carbon rubber grip lugs of the UA HOVR Infinite models optimise your stability on any type of road! After the Infinite 2, discover the new Infinite 3 sports shoe. Suitable for professional runners, used to long distances, it is intended for those who want a good energy return and maximum efficiency during their races. Thanks to their UA HOVR technology, impact is eliminated and the Under Armour Infinite 3 offers you a "zero gravity" feeling. Finally, with its Energy Web compression mesh, the energy you produce is returned. Plus, the lightweight, breathable upper offers strategic support without fail! The EVA insole of this pair of running shoes is non-slip, offering unparalleled support and comfort.

Under Armour UA CHARGED Men's Range

The second Under Armour range that we recommend is without a doubt the UA Charged range! A real success story, these UA running shoes are found on the feet of more and more runners, whether they are beginners or experienced!

Under Armour Charged Bandit 6 running shoe

Opt for comfort with the Charged Bandit 6 from Under Armour. This men's running shoe features a moulded, non-slip insole for optimal foot comfort. The outsole will cover the most impact-prone areas with its solid rubber, giving you greater durability and less weight. Finally, its flex grooves provide the right amount of flexibility in key areas to make your runs more enjoyable.

Under Armour Charged pursuit 2 running shoe

The Charged Pursuit 2 is a lightweight, flexible shoe with breathable mesh and Charged Cushioning that offers extreme protection against impact. With the Charged Pursuit 2, you will be able to run for many miles without any problems. The foam cushioning around the ankle and under the tongue as well as a comfortable insole that follows the shape of your foot will ensure your comfort.

The new Under Armour running shoes for men

Under Armour Sonic 4 FNRN Running Shoe

The UA Sonic is ideal for long-distance runners looking for optimal flexibility and energy return to get through the miles effortlessly. The reinforced TPU outer heel provides support and structure. During your runs, the blown rubber under the front of the shoe as well as the rubber under the heel will absorb all the shocks due to the impacts with the ground! The Sonic 4 FnRn is the perfect pair of men's running shoes for those looking for a balance of cushioning and flexibility.

Under Armour Velociti wind running shoe

With its UA FLOW technology, the Velociti Wind running shoe redefines the concept of speed on your run. No more rubber soles on Under Armour's new sneakers for a smoother stride on all types of terrain! The Velociti Wind running shoe is light and cushioned, giving you an unparalleled sense of speed. The Warp upper provides support and ventilation and is always light.