Kids Running Shoes

All running equipment for children can be found on Direct-Running. Here you can find all the pairs of running shoes for children of the biggest brands: Asics - adidas - Puma - Mizuno

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Excel on the running track by putting on one of the best pairs of running shoes for children, dedicated to this discipline. On Direct-running, you can find children's running shoes for all tastes and needs, at unbeatable prices. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced runner or an expert, you will find the right shoe for you.

How to choose running shoes for children?

The choice of a good pair of running shoes for children depends on several parameters. The conditions are not the same for everyone, especially the morphology of the feet. Your pair must therefore be perfectly ergonomic to provide you with the elements necessary for your comfort. Then there is the frequency of use. If you run as a hobby, you don't need to buy junior running shoes with special features. If, on the other hand, you are a regular or competitive runner, it is imperative to opt for a more technical model that can provide you with maximum comfort and some performance-enhancing features. The same goes for young runners, beginners and experts. We have compiled a list of the best brands of children's running shoes that you can find in our online shop.

Asics children's running shoes

At the top of our ranking, we find a reference in terms of children's running shoes: Asics, the Japanese giant, official supplier to many of the world's top runners. It is more than obvious that wearing pairs of this calibre will motivate you more and give you more comfort and performance. We particularly recommend the Gel-Quantum 180 5 GS. Perfectly suited for growing feet, these comfortable and breathable junior running shoes offer better cushioning, quicker stride and excellent support. You can also choose the Gel-Noosa Tri 13 Gs, Gel-venture 7 and Gt-1000 10 Gs.

adidas junior running shoes

As a leader in the field of sports footwear in general, adidas occupies an important place in the world of children's running. Producing one of the most sought-after pairs on the market, adidas is constantly innovating to confirm its status as a running giant. We've put the adidas Ultraboost 21 j, the new face of adidas running shoes, at the top of our selection. Ideal for experts and beginners alike, these comfortable, high-end running shoes offer exceptional running characteristics thanks to improved cushioning, a great fit and increased stability. By choosing this model, you allow yourself to run mile after mile with the ease of the world's best runners. It is closely followed by the adidas EQ21 Run J and FortaRun X K, which are available in women's models for aspiring young runners.

Mizuno running shoes for children

Hit the tarmac and all kinds of trails in one of the Japanese brand's iconic shoes. Made from technical materials, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 junior shoes offer top-level running characteristics. The soft mesh upper provides ventilation and allows natural foot movement for maximum comfort and performance.

New Balance and Reebok junior running shoes

We give honourable mention to two of the biggest names in world running: New Balance and Reebok. They are the suppliers of many famous runners and offer high quality children's running shoes for all distances, levels and body types. They use a variety of technologies, developed by their experts to provide you with comfortable, efficient and reliable pairs. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced runner or an expert, on Direct-running you will find shoes to fit your feet and at unbeatable prices.

Joma children's running shoes for beginners

For young athletes who want to start running, we have a wide selection of Joma running shoes for the very first steps in the world of running. And to top it all off, we're offering -2, -8, -21 and -31% off the Joma Victory J 2010 running shoes for girls, the Joma Victory J 2003 running shoes for boys and the Joma Victory J 2010 running shoes for girls PETROLEO. You can also find other models like the Joma WPLAY 2003 and Joma JFAST 2019 at very attractive prices. Perfectly suited for small, fragile and growing feet, they are made of technical, lightweight, flexible and durable materials to guarantee maximum comfort, performance and durability.

Puma Running Shoes for Children

Last on our list, but not least, Puma also produces pairs for those new to running. The Puma Vista, T Activate, Runner and flyer runr ac are ideal for those who are new to running. They have mesh uppers and soft insoles, midsoles and outsoles. They are available on our page at promotional prices with -12 to -48% off.