Kids Hiking Shoes

Find all the sports equipment for children on Direct-Running, and in particular all the pairs of hiking boots for children. You will find all the Columbia and Joma children's hiking boots

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Born of hiking parents, eager to follow in their footsteps? You've come to the right place. Direct-running offers you a wide selection of hiking shoes for girls and boys at unbeatable prices. Made with the greatest care by Columbia, adidas, Joma... there is something for every taste and every practice. Go on an adventure like a grown-up with the right pair of hiking boots for boys. To make the little adventurers happy, we wanted to share our knowledge and our best models of hiking shoes and sandals.

How to choose hiking boots for kids?

The choice of your hiking boots should be based on several parameters. We've decided to outline them for you to help you decide which pair to take on your next adventure.

The elements to take into account when choosing your hiking boots: distance to be covered, frequency of activities, level, type of terrain and climate

For short walks or treks for beginners, you can opt for basic hiking boots with low uppers. They should be soft, light and breathable to ensure a comfortable feeling all day long. Models like our kid Culumbia Firecamp Sledder II Wp would be perfect. You can also buy Columbia Techsun Wave kids or Columbia CHILDRENS TECHSUN VENT sandals for a small price.

For long-distance hikes (several days), which are for experienced hikers, you need more technical models. In this case, you need to be more demanding about the level of support, dynamism and stability. They must provide good grip on the ground, optimum comfort, and be light and flexible.

For trekking, which is generally dedicated to experts because it is practised on more capricious terrain, get pairs with high or mid-cut uppers, which are comfortable, stable and protective, and at the same time provide you with an excellent grip.

You should also take into account the condition of the terrain you'll be facing: flexible, well-ventilated, lightweight hiking boots for flat surfaces, pairs with discreet crampons for rough terrain, and hiking boots with larger crampons for muddy or sandy surfaces.

Weather conditions should also be taken into consideration: soft, lightweight pairs with low uppers for summer activities, mid-height models with good thermal insulation for low-temperature seasons, and boots with warm linings and waterproof linings for mountaineering and all kinds of winter activities.

Some recommendations for more comfortable routes

Comfort is an indisputable criterion when it comes to hiking boots. We therefore advise you to choose a pair of shoes with a larger size for a better freedom of movement of the feet and at the same time to allow you to wear bigger socks.

Also remember to choose the sole that best suits your route. Choose soft soles for all your trips on flat ground. For other surfaces: rocky, sandy or muddy, choose hiking boots with sturdy soles that provide both excellent grip and good shock absorption.

Children's hiking shoes and sandals for all tastes and practices

After having explained how to choose your hiking boots, we are now going to present you the models we have on the page, taken from the giants Columbia and Joma.

Columbia children's hiking boots
In making our selection, we have taken into account the tastes and needs of little adventurers. We're going to show you some of our best Columbia shoes, which are sure to please you and suit all your activities. For all your summer outings on soft terrain, you can, for example, treat yourself to the Columbia Firecamp Sledder II Wp kids. Sturdy and durable, these models have a waterproof polyurethane upper with high breathability to keep your feet cool and dry at all times. Their rubber sole offers excellent grip on the ground for optimal stability and grip. You can also opt for the Columbia Flow Borough Mid, which is made from technical materials for ease of wear and protection. And finally, the Buga Plus with a high upper, featuring excellent thermal insulation and a waterproof outer layer, guaranteeing comfortable runs on snowy surfaces or in heavy rain. Their soles are designed to provide exceptional grip in difficult conditions, making winter hiking easier.

Joma Junior Hiking Sandals

For summer walks, consider getting one of our Joma hiking sandals. Available for both boys and girls, they offer a strong support with adjustable buckle straps. The footbed is made of soft material, ensuring a comfortable feel at all times. The footbed is made of soft material, ensuring a comfortable feel at all times. They allow for free air circulation to keep you cool throughout the run.