Kids Fitness Shoes

Direct-Running offers a wide range of shoes and clothes dedicated to children. Find here all the pairs of training shoes for children: adidas, Puma, Reebok and many others

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Are you looking for the perfect pair of trainers for all your fitness exercises? You've come to the right place. You'll find the right shoes for your feet on our page. Puma, adidas and Reebok children's fitness shoes are available on direct-running at very competitive prices.

Junior fitness shoes for all kinds of exercise

No matter how often you exercise and what your level is, you are sure to find the perfect pair of children's fitness shoes at direct-running. Whether it's for weight training, cardio or crossfit, you're bound to find the right shoes here. We have compiled a small inventory to help you choose your training shoes. With designs and characteristics that are quite similar to trainers for other disciplines such as running, training shoes stand out because they are better adapted to indoor surfaces and the equipment used. On direct-running you will find the best pairs of children's fitness shoes on the market at very attractive prices. We have selected the cream of the crop from the adidas, Puma and Reebok collections to make all young indoor sports enthusiasts happy.

Bodybuilding shoes for kids

Many children get into weight training at an early age, despite the fact that it has its drawbacks in terms of growth. However, there are methods that allow kids to practice without fear of side effects. Lifting weights of various weights requires pumps that can provide both stability and maximum comfort. To achieve this, they must feel as close to barefoot as possible. They must also be extremely flexible to allow natural foot movement. Thin, wide soles are therefore ideal for these types of exercises. In addition to providing better balance, they allow the feet to be closer to the ground for good energy transfer.

Cardio shoes for kids

Cardio exercises, which include sets with a multitude of movements, require shoes that are light and very flexible. This flexibility must extend to all sides to allow the wearer to perform all kinds of tricks. In short, cardio shoes must be able to allow you to move quickly, rotate dynamically and bend better.

They should also have a high capacity to absorb contact with the ground, especially on the front part. In fact, if you have to make jumps, it is necessary to wear pairs that can guarantee good shock absorption on the front of the feet. These attributes allow you to benefit from more dynamism.

In the world of cardio, a good fit is synonymous with comfort and performance. Therefore, you need to choose pairs that can guarantee maximum support at all times. To do this, choose models with a soft and perfectly fitting interior.

Go for one of our comfortable, high-performance pairs from adidas and Puma. Available for girls and boys, at very competitive prices.

Pairs of crossfit shoes for kids

Because of the intense practices that characterise it, crossfit requires pairs with a certain technical feature. The first thing to consider is the fit. For ease of wear, crossfit shoes should have a wide toe box, allowing the toes to be mobile for better energy transfer.

Secondly, it goes without saying that they should provide maximum comfort during the exercises. The choice of the upper is therefore essential. It must be flexible and breathable to allow free air circulation and natural foot movement.

As for the soles, they must provide a strong grip on the ground and good shock absorption for excellent grip and cushioning. Choose pairs with thick soles.

We particularly recommend our Reebok shoes. Reebok is the reference in crossfit shoes and offers a wide selection of models with all the technical features mentioned above.

The best training shoes for children are available from direct-running

As one of the best suppliers of sports shoes, direct-running offers you branded training shoes from leading brands such as Puma, adidas and Reebok. In addition to providing you with top-quality products, we also offer you a fast processing and delivery service. And to top it all off, all these items are available to you at low prices. We also have special offers on several models to please all young enthusiasts looking for quality products at low prices.