Kids Running Clothing

On Direct-Running you will find all the running products dedicated to children! You will find here all the running clothes for kids like T-shirts, Pants, Shorts, Jackets...

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Find the best of the best in children's running clothing at direct-running. T-shirts, shorts, shorts, trousers, tights, compresses, sweatshirts, windbreakers, jackets and branded running underwear at unbeatable prices.

High quality children's running clothes

Faced with outdoor conditions during all their practices, young runners have to be picky about what they wear. Indeed, the weather is not always kind. To meet all the requirements of budding runners, we have selected the best brands in the running world such as Asics, adidas, Craft, Errea, Joma, Columbia, Mizuno, Under Armour and The North Face. Designed to provide maximum comfort and performance, these children's running clothes are available for beginners, advanced and expert runners. They are also suitable for other disciplines such as trail running, hiking and track and field.

How to choose the right running clothes for children?

Although running is sometimes done indoors, in most cases it is done on outdoor tracks. You should therefore take the weather factor into account when choosing your running clothes. During the hot summer months, we recommend clothing made of soft, light and above all functional fabrics. Fabrics should be made of technical materials to ensure excellent body temperature and moisture management for maximum comfort and performance during your runs. Cotton garments are therefore outlawed. As for bottoms, shorts made of natural, light and breathable material will do the trick. If you're doing more intensive work, choose shorts with a close-fitting cut, preferably without seams to avoid all sorts of friction and allow for greater mobility. On the other hand, in the cooler months, your clothing must have good insulation and moisture wicking. You should also be prepared for bad weather by buying a jacket with a windproof and waterproof finish. And for total protection, opt for hooded models. These winter tops go well with insulating and breathable trousers and tights. Wearing these will also depend on the intensity of your exercise and the type of exercise you do. For moderate physical activities, we advise you to wear trousers with a classic cut, while for high intensity activities such as training and competitions, it is necessary to opt for close-fitting models.

Running T-shirts for children

Available in long or short sleeves, these unisex children's T-shirts are designed to provide the necessary elements for the development of children at all levels. Flexible, lightweight and functional, they are designed for moderate running but are also suitable for other disciplines such as hiking, fitness and gymnastics. We also have a number of casual T-shirts with sober, sportswear or Disney designs. Find them now at unbeatable prices in our online shop.

Children's shorts and shorts

Available in boys' and girls' cuts, both long and short, these running shorts are made from technical materials, ensuring good moisture and body temperature management for comfort and maximum performance. Choose loose-fitting models for moderate exercise and tight-fitting shorts for intensive training and competition.

Compression garments

Designed to provide good muscle support, improve blood circulation, ward off fatigue and boost physical performance, these compression garments are made from technical materials for enhanced performance during intensive training sessions and competitions. Find them in the form of tights and shorts for girls and boys at Direct-Running.

Sweatshirts, jackets and windbreakers for children

For winter and mid-season training, you can choose between several types of warm clothing. For early morning jogging and low intensity training, it is important to choose sweatshirts, with or without a hood. Usually made of fleece, they offer unparalleled comfort and warmth throughout your efforts. For more intense exercise, it is advisable to choose more functional clothing such as jackets made of polyester or other natural materials. Make sure they are waterproof and windproof so that you can exercise comfortably and safely in bad weather.

Trousers and tights for boys and girls

Just as shorts and shorts are designed, children's trousers and tights have excellent breathability and flexibility. However, they differ in that they provide good warmth to ensure better training conditions in cooler seasons. As you can see, classic trousers are for low-intensity training and tights are for advanced training and competitions.