Children's hike

On Direct-Running, you will find a wide range of products for children. Here you will find all our hiking clothing for children, such as T-shirts, trousers, jackets ...

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Are you discovering the wonderful world of hiking? Find the best children's hiking clothes on the market at direct-running! T-shirts, shorts, shorts, trousers, tights, compression, windbreakers, jackets, sweatshirts and hiking underwear from Asics, Gore, adidas, Nike, The North Face, Mizuno, BV Sport, Columbia, Nike, Craft, Reebok and Odlo at attractive prices.

How do I choose the right hiking gear for my child?

Move fast by choosing high-quality hiking gear from the leaders in the field. From T-shirts, shorts, trousers, shorts, tights, compresses, sweatshirts, jackets and underwear, choose your clothing according to the weather conditions and your activities. No matter what your level and frequency of practice, you have the right to maximum comfort for better performance. Therefore, your clothing should be well adapted to the outdoor conditions. For warm-weather workouts, opt for lightweight clothing such as T-shirts, tank tops, shorts and shorts. They should be highly functional to keep your body cool and dry so that it can maintain its full capacity throughout your efforts. Otherwise, during the winter, wear jackets or sweatshirts, preferably with a waterproof and windproof finish to anticipate rain and wind. You can combine this with trousers and tights of your choice. These warm clothes should be extremely breathable to prevent overheating and to ensure that you are in good physical condition during all your exercises.

At direct-randonnée you can find junior running clothes for beginners, advanced and experts at unbeatable prices.

Children's hiking clothes for summer

To cope with the summer heat, choose light, flexible and breathable clothing. At the top of the list, boys' and girls' hiking T-shirts are a must-have in the wardrobe of young runners. With their sober, 100% sporty design, these very comfortable and high-performance tops go well with all our shorts and shorts. They are also available in a more casual look and extremely soft fabric for extra-sporty activities.

With different cuts and materials, our junior hiking shorts are designed to offer both comfort and performance. To achieve this, the designers have used choice fabrics that are flexible, well ventilated and quick-drying to keep the lower limbs cool and allow for great mobility. The same is true for the cycling shorts except that they are lighter and more flexible. They are therefore excellent for intensive exercise. They are also available in a compression model.

Children's hiking clothing for winter

To be able to run in the middle of winter, it is imperative to cover yourself well. To do this, choose warm clothing such as jackets and sweatshirts. With good thermal insulation, these highly functional garments keep you warm and dry all day long. Choose models with waterproof and windproof treatment to cope with bad weather. You can also opt for those with a quirky look for those relaxing moments and early morning jogging sessions.

Remember to match them with the same quality socks! If you're looking for casual comfort, opt for tight-fitting styles to ensure ease of wear and freedom of movement. However, for intensive exercise, it is best to choose trousers that fit closer to the body for less friction and greater mobility. We offer a wide selection of such trousers at very attractive prices. Made from highly functional fabric, these tights keep your lower limbs warm and dry for maximum comfort and top performance.

They are available in both boys' and girls' cuts to suit all aspiring runners. There are several ranges of jogging suits and leggings from adidas, Asics, Errea and Joma to choose from. For intensive training sessions, opt for models made of compressive fabric with high moisture wicking and muscle contracting capacity to boost your performance.