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Find here all pairs of trail shoes for children: Asics, adidas, Joma, Mizuno and many others.

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Trail running is an activity that is suitable for all age groups, especially kids. But to practice this sport, it is essential to wear appropriate shoes. Asics, adidas, Mizuno or Joma discover models signed by brands considered as references in trail running shoes!

High quality products for juniors

Outdoor running requires basic equipment such as the right shoes. Just like their elders, young runners are entitled to quality products that allow them to run in comfort! That's why famous brands such as Asics, adidas, Mizuno or Joma rivalising ingenuity to offer them the best sports shoes. Go to our website and get these items at a discounted price!

Trail shoes for all types of activity

Highly reliable products

In order to help young runners perform, whether they are boys or girls, renowned brands have made their technology and know-how available to them in terms of shoes. For your daily training or long-distance races, opt for models that are both comfortable and functional! This is the case with the adidas children's trail shoes! They feature a Boost sole that releases energy with every stride. The cushioning is equipped with Bounce technology for optimal comfort. But for you to gain performance, don't forget to consider these criteria: lightness, flexibility and breathable technology. You can find these features in Mizuno's trail shoes for kids. The good news is that these high quality products are currently available at a great price!

Why choose trail shoes?

When trail running, you should be prepared for uneven terrain in the wilderness. For this purpose, your shoes must be able to withstand difficult or mountainous terrain, for example. They are usually designed to give you grip, protection, support and stability. Compared to hiking boots, these are less heavy and rigid. For added safety, they grip better than a running shoe. For this reason, many models are now equipped with multi-purpose soles. Trail shoes also have rubber soles for better cushioning.

A tip: when choosing a model, it is advisable to choose the exact size so that your feet are always supported. This way, they won't suffer from poor positioning.

How to choose your trail shoes?

Clearly, you will not choose the same pair of shoes as a runner who is 1.85 m tall and weighs 80 kg! As a trail runner, you should choose models that are primarily adapted to your body shape. You can also opt for more specialised technologies for more cushioning and dynamism. It also depends on the distance and frequency of your outings! Depending on these two criteria, you will know whether you should opt for basic or more technical models. Of course, the type of terrain is an essential factor in the choice of pairs! It is not uncommon for trail races to alternate between mountainous terrain and rough trails. If you are running on greasy ground, for example, choose an aggressive grip! Deep crampons will allow you to wick away the mud efficiently, while a waterproof membrane will prevent your feet from getting wet. For rocky terrain, opt for a rigid midsole for more stability.

Finally, the choice of your shoes depends largely on your level. You are in luck, because on the website you can find products for all levels, from beginners to experts.

What are the leading models for each activity?

To help you perform well in all circumstances, prestigious brands have designed models adapted to a specific activity. Are you going to run short distances in training mode? Then choose the adidas Terrex Swift model! These shoes have the advantage of being light and allow you to exploit your speed to the maximum. Get these reliable and durable products at an unbeatable price! Do you run on a variety of terrain? Then choose the Asics gel-venture 7 model for its versatility! The rubber outsole ensures flexibility and durability. With inverted studs, these shoes offer maximum grip on all types of surfaces. Also appreciated for its "all-terrain" qualities, the Columbia youth pivot model is the pair you need to go almost anywhere! It is equipped with a lightweight midsole for lasting comfort. Plus, you'll appreciate the sock-like fit! All these models are available online at unbeatable prices!