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New Balance, this name must not be new to you. Indeed, the American brand has been building its reputation for years in sports shoes. So, yes, it's true that this brand is more popular in the world of running shoes. However, we should not forget that even within the trail shoe market, New Balance is making its place. The American brand has been launching men's trail sneakers for many years that you can use on all terrains. Whether you are a fan of steep or mountainous trails, whether you are more of a fan of mountain trails, New Balance has thought of you. But then, which New Balance trail shoe to choose? You don't think we're going to leave you alone to choose the sneaker that suits you. In order to help you in your choice of purchase, we are going to give you our advice.

The best New Balance trail shoes for men

We know you, we know you are looking for quality trail shoes. So we decided to introduce you to our two favorite New Balance trail lines. We'll start with the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro, then we'll finish with the famous New Balance Summit.

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro Trail Shoe

The iconic trail shoe of the American brand is of course the Fresh Foam Hierro. This shoe is in its fifth edition with the release in 2019 of the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v5. This resistant trail shoe is distinguished by its 8mm drop. Also note that compared to previous versions, the shoe is much more comfortable. This is in fact the main strength of these trail shoes. If you are looking for a comfortable trail sneaker with good cushioning, then you will be served. We can't miss the Fresh Foam Hierro Boa. This New Balance trail shoe is a real favorite. Indeed, it's a men's trail sneaker dedicated to technical trails, with the revolutionary new Boa lacing system. In addition, the shoe is really ultra comfortable with a very good support.

New Balance Summit trail shoe

The second most popular line of New Balance trail shoes for men is the Summit line. Whether it's the Summit K.O.M, the Summit K.O.M GTX or the Summit Unknown GTX, you're bound to find something to suit you. Note that the K.O.M GTX is dedicated to off-trail trails. The outsole is produced by Vibram, synonymous with quality. The RockStop outsole and the Toe Protect toe provide you with impeccable comfort, support and foot protection.

The other Trail New Balance ranges for Men

Other New Balance trail shoes are on the market, and they are also very qualitative. At first, you can find the minimalist New Balance Minimus Trail shoes, you can also find shoes for your feet with the New Balance MT or the New Balance Fuel Core Nitrel v2.