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The Japanese equipment manufacturer Asics is present in almost all sectors of sports footwear. Whether in the world of tennis, padel or volleyball, Asics proves its excellence year after year. This is why, even if the Japanese brand has created its reputation in the manufacture of superb running shoes, we must not forget their presence in the trail shoe market. That's why we are going to present you below the best Asics trail shoes.

The best ranges of Asics trail shoes

The Japanese equipment manufacturer has notably created 3 major lines of men's trail shoes. All these trail sneakers are thus grouped under three main families that the Direct-Running team will present to you. We will deal in order, the Asics Fuji trabuco, then the Asics Gel-Sonoma and finally we will finish with the Asics Gel-Venture. All these shoes from the Asics trail universe have some common features. These are an optimal grip that will suit all types of runners and a special care given to cushioning and stability. Whether you want to go on an adventure on a trail or in the mountains, we will advise you, so that your purchase will be the most suitable choice.

Asics Gel-Fujitrabuco trail shoe

Fujitrabuco Asics Fujitrabuco men's trail shoes are without a doubt the Asics trail sneakers par excellence. In fact, these collections have been present for several years now, and continue to convince many fans. Let's take the example of the Asics Fujitrabuco Pro shoe. This trail shoe, released at the end of 2019, has propelled the Japanese brand to the forefront of the world trail scene. Why? Simply because this Asics shoe is a clever mix of protection and grip, while offering optimal comfort. Producing a resolutely technical shoe while promising comfort is no small feat. And yet. The Fujitrabuco Pro has Rock Protection Plate technology built into the sole to protect your feet from rocks and other obstacles on the run. Just like its sister the Asics Gel-Fujitrabuco 8 GTX, if you want to push your limits on your trails, then you've found the right men's trail shoe.

Asics Gel-Sonoma trail shoe

Asics has also thought of people looking for inexpensive trail shoes by launching its Gel-Sonoma line. These shoes are perfect if you're looking to get into this extreme sport. This Asics sneaker really does the trick on just about any terrain, wet or otherwise. Note that the Gel-Sonoma are also known for their waterproofness, which is very popular with trailers. You can find this characteristic on the Asics Gel-Sonoma 5 GTX shoe.

Asics Gel-Venture trail shoe

So the latest range we offer you on Direct-Running is the Asics Gel-Venture. Once again, this is a cheap trail shoe that will do the trick if you want to go trail running. Designed for flawless waterproofing, this Asics sneaker is truly effective in its field. Especially the Asics Gel-Venture 7, which features ORTHOLITE technology on its insole that helps treat foot moisture. A real must have if you want to go on the trail!