adidas Men's Trail Shoes for Men

Find here all the pairs of adidas trail shoes for men.

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The German supplier adidas is obviously one of the leaders in terms of sales of sports shoes. Even if the brand's reputation was created through the design of running shoes, we should not forget the progress made by the German brand in terms of trail shoes. Indeed, adidas is now able to produce resistant and dynamic trail sneakers. To help you choose which adidas trail shoe you should buy, we offer you a short guide to the top adidas trail brands.

The best adidas trail shoes for men

We have selected our two favorite adidas Trail lines for you. In order to help you get to know the specifics of each range, we invite you to take a look at this guide. That way you will be able to choose the right trail shoe for your running style. Whether on technical trails, steep paths, or in the mountains.

adidas Terrex Agravic Trail Shoe

The adidas Terrex Agravic Men's Trail Shoes represent the broadest adidas trail line. Indeed, for several years now, the Terrex Agravic have been a must-have for every trail fan. Let's take the example of the Agravic flow trail shoe in this range. If you are looking for a comfortable, eye-catching and dynamic trail shoe, then this shoe is for you. One of the highlights of the range is the rubber outsole produced by Continental. The grip, or grip, is therefore one of the strong points of this range.

adidas Terrex Speed Trail Shoe

If you are looking for a fast trail shoe, then go no further. Indeed, with the Terrex Speed, adidas has really tried to target this part of the trail population. The adidas Terrex Speed trail shoe, with a weight of 255 grams, is all about speed. It's a pure marvel in terms of slip on comfort, yet it's also very solid and dynamic. A real success for the brand with three stripes.