Mens Saucony Road Running shoes

Saucony has been offering men's sports shoes for years, especially running shoes. You can find here the famous Saucony Ride 13, Saucony Triumph 18 or the Saucony Freedom.

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For several years now, the American equipment manufacturer Saucony has been offering sports shoes for men of incredible quality. This is why Saucony is taking up more and more space in the global running shoe market. Saucony has been selling road running trainers for several years now and they have been a huge success. Because the Direct-Running team wants you to find the right running shoe for you, we have decided to answer a question that is important to you as a runner: Which Saucony running shoe should you choose? We answer this question with a top 3 of the best Saucony running shoes for men. We'll also give you some advice to help you make the best choice for your purchase.

Which New Balance running shoes for men are suitable for my stride?

What kind of running strides?

On Direct Running, find a wide selection of running shoes for men at low prices. We offer models for all types of stride, i.e. the universal or neutral stride, the most common, the pronator stride or the supinator stride. It is important for the runner to choose the right pair for his stride to avoid the risk of injury or discomfort.

Almost 50% of the population has a neutral stride, also known as universal stride, and therefore uses the central part during a run. It therefore corresponds to the majority of running trainer models.

The pronating stride also includes a large number of runners who have an outward sag of the foot and therefore have to compensate for this.

The supine stride comes from an outward tilt of the foot. More rare, supination affects 5 to 10% of runners, so few models are really adapted to it.

The best Saucony running shoes for a universal stride

Almost half of the population has a neutral stride, which is why it is called a universal stride. The neutral stride uses the central part of the foot during a run.

Saucony therefore offers a wide range of universal running shoes that are ideal for this type of stride. The choice is therefore vast between the Kinvara 12, the Triumph 18 or the latest Jazz 22.

Saucony Kinvara shoes for men

The Saucony Kinvara running shoe has now become one of the American brand's flagship running shoes. Unveiled for the very first time in 2009. The true characteristic of this model, which is found in all editions of the Saucony Kinvara shoe, is its very low 4mm drop. Today, the main difference between the Kinvara 10 running shoe and the Kinvara  11 and the technology used for the midsole. Exit the EVERUN techno, hello the PWRRUN version, material 28% lighter than the old one. If you are looking for a Saucony running shoe for neutral stride or universal stride, then you are making the right choice.

You can now also discover the news from Saucony, the Kinvara 12 running trainers for men to be at the top of performance during your runs and gain speed! This revised version of the famous trainers retains their historic lightness and flexibility, but is lighter and more comfortable for both daily training and long-distance running.

Saucony Triumph Men's Shoes

The Triumph running shoe is another flagship model from the American equipment manufacturer Saucony. The 17th version of the Triumph was released in November 2019, and is the Triumph 17 running shoe. Its main features are the use of PWRRUN techno, which allows you to enjoy unparalleled comfort, especially during landings. Again, if you are looking for a universal or neutral stride running shoe, this pair of running shoes is for you.

Coming out at the end of 2020, you will be able to buy the Saucony Triumph 18, the latest addition to the Saucony family, which will give you tenfold speed and performance even over long distances. This Triumph 18 is a real cocktail of comfort and dynamism with its PWRRUN+ damping for a lighter feel and its FORMFIT system to wrap your feet.

Saucony Triumph ISO Men's Shoes

This is the fifth edition of the Saucony running shoe range with the Saucony Triumph ISO 5 coming out in July 2019. This time using EVERUN technology, Saucony offers a running shoe designed for training. If you're looking for a running shoe with high cushioning, then this running shoe is for you. The FORMFIT sole technology combined with the TRI-FLEX outsole technology gives you incomparable cushioning over long distances.

You can also opt for the Saucony Liberty ISO with its shock-absorbing Everun midsole and the great feeling of stability it gives you during your runs, or go for the Switchback ISO running trainers.

Saucony Ride Men's Shoes

The latest addition to the Saucony Ride family is the Saucony Ride 13 running shoe. This running trainer is primarily designed for everyday runs, whether over short distances or not. Even if its cushioning is quite good, it is above all intended for multi-purpose runners. It is situated between the Kinvara 11 and the Triumph 18. In short, this Saucony Ride 13 is a real success.

Men's shoes Saucony Endorphin

The Saucony Endorphin range of running shoes for men includes many different models of trainers.

The Saucony Endorphin Pro, released in the summer of 2020, immediately presents itself as a high-performance sure bet. With a carbon fibre plate in the sole, it is also supported by its PWRRUN midsole, Saucony's most efficient technology offering a light and elastic foam for greater responsiveness during races. It also features Saucony's proprietary SPEEDROLL technology which provides a dynamic fluid feel towards the front of the foot. This men's shoe model is ideal for high performance runners with neutral stride and light weight athletes, whether for training or a marathon.

The Endorphin Shift is primarily designed to make your runs easier. It fits snugly around the foot and provides optimal energy return with every stride. This pair of running shoes for men is ideal for relieving the tension on your feet by offering ultra-comfortable cushioning and gentle guidance. It is therefore more suitable for low-intensity sports sessions.

Finally, the Endorphin Speed also combines all the technologies of the other Endorphins, i.e. SPEEDROLL technology at the front of the shoe, PWRRUN PB cushioning and the FORMFIT system for comfort. This makes it the ideal running pair for athletes looking for performance in every run. This pair of running trainers combines speed and natural feeling.

Saucony Jazz Men's Shoes

The Saucony Jazz 22 shoe will be the ideal pair for beginner runners looking for a reliable shoe that combines cushioning, fluidity of stride and absolute comfort during their runs. The shoe offers good grip on road and forest trails, as long as the path remains clear.

Saucony men's running shoes for a pronounced stride

Pronation is defined by a sagging of the foot towards the inner side, so it can be spotted by observing the use of the sole on the inner side of the shoe. In order to benefit from comfort during their runs, runners with a pronating stride should opt for shoes with an inner side reinforcement to compensate for this sagging.

In the Saucony running shoe models dedicated to men, you can choose the Saucony Guide 13 or the Omni 19, which will offer you support and stability for your sports sessions.

Saucony Guide Men's Shoes

The Guide 13 men's running trainer is ideal for a pronounced stride runner, offering even more stability and support than other pairs. They are versatile shoes suitable for short, medium and even long distances, so they can be used for half-marathons as well as training. Guide 13 is flexible, breathable and lightweight. They will also provide runners with a rubber outsole that will be durable over the long term.

Saucony's latest Guide 14 is THE running shoe par excellence that combines design and stability. With this running trainer, you'll get 360 degree stability thanks to the 3D face of its upper and the TPU midfoot support reinforcement. The Formfit insole will completely adapt to the shape of your foot and runners will feel a real sensation of lightness in their stride.

Saucony Omni Men's Shoes

The Saucony Omni 19 is also suitable for pronation and has been manufactured with pronation in mind to prevent internal rotation of the foot. It is a lightweight shoe thanks to its PWRUN midsole which absorbs all impacts during your runs. With this pair, you will enjoy a rebound and support that will ensure your safety and comfort.